CellNUVO app account info and top up problem

My phone has been out of service for almost a week now. I finally heard back from CN.

       CellNUVO commented:
       It looks as though your account is ready to refill. Account Number : XXXXXXX
          PIN :XXXX
     Please go to the cellnuvo app and top up from there- if you have any difficulty, please let us know.

I tried to top up again after receiving this email, but didn't work.

I'm puzzled because my app shows a completely different account number of 16 digits... I sent back an inquiry to CN. Hopefully it doesn't take another loooooong waiting period to hear back from them.

Wondering if anyone else has gotten the same message. or if anyone's top up has gone through...

I've sent emails last 3 days. Surprise, No reply. Tried top up. Shows confirmation but didn't take off 5 gold. No work. @$!#/!/&&

Did you try to refresh account in settings?

See if wierd number is still there?

There are some communication problems between cellnuvo topup software and rp topup software. Ideally, when you top up in cellnuvo, cellnuvo will topup in rp instantly for you. There are at least two possibilities:
A. Rp fails to recognize or execute topup request from cellnuvo.
B. Cellnuvo does not topup for you because they don't have cash... Too bad rp does not take gold or silver.

Yup, app store top-up not working for me either after few attempts. No golds were deducted.

Support has clearly told me. Everything on cellnuvo side it working correctly. They escalated the issue with rp. They are working on it.

Of course why did they wait to escalate the issue?

Yeah, something is wonky between in the communication links, or in the correct processing of information.
I think we have some data points indicating that the refill through the store app is at least semi-functional. I have 2 lines that were technically expired, but continued to have voice (only) service, until shortly after I attempted a refill. In both of those instances, voice went away promptly (In one instance, within 24 hours. Since I was watching for it with the second line I attempted, I know it happened within minutes.) Isamorph, at a minimum, reported similar behavior.

Although the timing could be coincidental, I'm theorizing that this may have happened because Red Pockets immediately got the message through the app/CN for a 'change in service', but either did not receive, or did not execute, the corresponding "refill".
I have no idea which or for what reason..

Others have reported 'no change' when trying to refill. Combined with the partial effect I think I'm seeing, an account already in 'expired' status would see 'no change' visible to the user-- essentially changing from "expired" to "no refill logged".

Re: the "no cash" scenario: CN is almost undoubtedly either depositing bulk funds in advance with RP, or paying invoices post-facto in bulk from RP. They're not likely to be doing business in immediate $5 increments. (Horribly inefficient.) "No cash" should result in a sequence of refills that work, and then a sequence of refills that do not work due to lack of funding.

Yes, I have been doing that for several days hoping it may help. CellNUVO did get back to me and said they would check back with the tech. Will see...

Thank you anyway for the suggestion.

What plan am I on?
CS Leslie
Thank you for waiting
Plan: PayGo $5 Cell Nuvo
$5 PayGo Credit valid for 15 days. $0.10 per minute or SMS message
I traded 5 gold from my cell nuvo account . It was supposed to be infinite until it ran out
On October 31 it shows its good til. After that will I get more data etc with the 5 gold
CS Leslie
Ah yes, I can see that , Expiration Date : October 31, 2017
But to be sure, let me verify that with Support, okay?
One moment please
CS Leslie
Thank you, waiting for Support now
OK ty
CS Leslie
Thank you for waiting
Per our Support, yes, your plan is on $ 5.00 plan and it expires on Expiration Date : October 31, 2017. However, for the $ 5.00 Gold plan exact details, please contact CellNuvo, since they are the one who paid for that.
Are you having issues with the service, Mark?
I'm not yet but some I know have no service. After October 31st it looks like I will by the others problems .
So I guess I will wait til the 31st to see what happens. I asked nuvo to top up but they don't even answer emails
CS Leslie
Sorry about that
Hold on
CS Leslie
Just in case CellNuvo does not answer you before the account expires, you can always purchase plans from us
For future refills,
Please access this link below: Red Pocket Mobile
There is an option for a onetime payment or auto refill.
The pricing plan is discounted if you sign up for auto refill.
Go Red PocketGo Red Pocket
Red Pocket Mobile
Go Red Pocket - PlansGo Red Pocket - Plans
That's our link
Will there be anything else, we could be of assistance, Mark?
Well considering I have 264 gold from watching ads I don't think I will pay
CS Leslie
We also have double minutes for CDMAS, you may want to consider just in case CellNuvo won't reply on the expiry date of your current plan.
But you may still wait for their emails, today is only 25th.

Redpocket said nuvo paid for it. Guess no more pay?

Mark, thanks for posting the conversation with Red Pocket CS!
Are your phone services still working properly? I looked, and the last relating comment I saw from you was a pic of your RP account page (Thanks for that, too!), which seemed to show remaining allotments & Oct 31 expiration.
From the conversation, it doesn't sound like the RP CS agent was really aware of the Infinite plan, or how it's intended to function in regards to the expiration date. To be honest, we don't have any recent confirmation of how it's supposed to work, either. We just know that the eventual CS answer doesn't match our earlier expectations, and/or dodged the question of what happens on Oct 31.

I still have service but Oct 31 expires. So was looking ahead before my @$$ is without service lol.

This is what happened to mine when it expired. It went all zeros after a few days then no service. Top-up requests don't work by app or support (no reply). I have plenty of golds. Hopefully you'll have better result.

why do you think support stopped responding? They just working on a fix?

Thanks, Michae Corleone We (and you) definitely need information, and assistance, from CN. Regardless of whether the fault in implementing service is with RP or CN, it's obvious that only CN can both explain it to us, and straighten it out for us.

You are ask me? How am I suppose to know? Probably for the same reason why other users here haven't received a response.

So, if I really want my phone to work but not quite ready to jump off the ship, my option would be buying a plan from RedPocket for now?

guff, I think that's a logical approach for anyone who really needs their CN phone to work. It shouldn't be interpreted as 'closing' your CN account, so it should hopefully preserve your balance for use later. It might need an extra stage of assistance from CN to get it back on the CN plans. (I have hope that it will be easier to get assistance from CN in the future.)

My CN phone isn't essential, and neither is the original number.. (And I'm on a temp #, anyway.) If my number was essential, and I wanted to preserve my gold at CN, I'd do as you contemplate. If I didn't care about the gold, I'd pick the best provider to meet my needs & budget, & port there.

This is not only possible, but highly probable. Virtual currency has no value in the Red Pocket business model. Red Pocket deals in cold hard cash.

I consider the "no cash" theory possible, but no more probable than other possible scenarios. I see some evidence that it's "less probable" than other possible causes. In fairness, I haven't tried to accumulate data points to support that it may be "more probable", or "highly probable".
Legally-Speaking, if you have data points indicating either, could you share them with us?