Cellnuvo account closes after porting out?

If I port out my phone # from cellnuvo, does my cellnuvo account get close and my gold lost? I asked support this question and here is the reply:

CellNUVO commented:

Your gold is tied to your account, not your carrier (the app is independent from your carrier).

Can someone who ported out confirm that your cellnuvo account is still open and active?

From what I read on here. Cellnuvo remains open. Let somebody with experience with these matters answer the question

Technically your gold is tied to your cellnuvo account, but your cellnuvo phone number is also tied to your cellnuvo account. It is true that removing your cellnuvo phone number has no impact on your cellnuvo account, which contains your golds. Logically, removing your cellnuvo phone number does not affect your account and golds.

However, cellnuvo used to be a phone service provider, and the golds had redeemable value only for phone service with the cellnuvo phone number. In other words, without a cellnuvo phone number, golds have no value, and they are not transferrable because you could not use your golds to pay for a different cellnuvo number. Consequently, golds could be forfeited without a cellnuvo number because the whole account is deemed abandoned and could be closed.

Of course, now cellnuvo claims that it is going to expand beyond phone service business, thus you have a leeway to possibly win an argument.

It depends on how bad you and cellnuvo want to fight. Other people's experience is not a reliable indicator, just like some have always had phone service with cellnuvo while some are not so well taken care of. Life is not fair. Some are born rich, some are born beautiful, some simply don't have God's favor.

I ported out my lines and such asked my account to be closed. Since then the wireless service has been untied to the account. I reinstalled the apps and gold is still there and I am still able to earn gold. I have not received any emails since I ported out. So who really knows the status of my accounts!

I closed my cellnuvo account with redpocket to release my phone, I then ported back in using my primary phone number and using a 1 year prepaid redpocket ebay plan. My cellnuvo app is still active with my gold. The only way I can see to use my gold may be amazon gift cards if that becomes available. My app still shows my original cellnuvo phone number.

Perhaps CN should officially let this ongoing project revert to beta status.

My experience matches others-- I had one closed RP line, with the phone # no longer assiged to me, and the phone released. I still have a functioning CellNuvo app, with an account # (My original phone number, lost in the first mess.).
I intend to use the Gold to pay for a line somewhere, unless the Amazon route is more convenient.

I think there's no such thing as the ability to port out from CellNuvo at this point. Like the Borg, we've been assimilated.

You can port out from RedPocket, though.

I ported out to Tello over a month ago but still have all my gold and can still earn gold and still get emails from Customer support. My understanding is that the gold is yours regardless of what cell carrier you have or don't have.

Yes, CN is an app, for use on most phones. I'm still waiting for my $5 payment from CN to my T Mobile PayGo account to arrive.

when did you attempt this? What time and day? Ty

In my case about 22 hours ago, and I did so again later yesterday after the app had been updated again.


Thank you for the information. I did the same thing today with T-Mobile. If you look on the other thread Frasier just posted a reply from cellnuvo stating that that major carriers can take 48 hours to 7 days? Wow!

I saw the 48 hour to 7 day thing---boy, I can get a lot of swiping done in that space of time. Or not. I wonder if that is 7 business days?

lol you had to add that dig. Didn't you lol ?that gets a sigh.

Cn stated not their fault

Totally out of their control, guys.

You said it. Question is---what can they control?

Would love to know that myself :slight_smile: