Cell to jack 

Is anyone using cell to jack?
How is your experience?
Are there any better alternatives?
Is it reliable?
Do you have to reconnect to Bluetooth every time you come home?
How difficult is it to adjust the volume after changing the volume on the cell phone?
Does it work reliably with google voice/ hangouts? t mobile digits? Other apps that let you use one number 2 phones?
Can you use the cordless phone for calls while getting walked through how to use the apps on the cell phone on the same number same line?
We have a hard of hearing family member who is absolutely attached to the old cordless phone. Consequently they are paying for 2 lines. One for the cordless phone and one for a cell phone. The cordless phone needs unlimited minutes and the cell line data is being used more and more as our family member is starting to see the benefits of having navigation and internet at the ready when out and about. I am trying to wean us off of one line but recognize the need to keep the option of using the cordless phone handset for talking on the phone from home
.Thanks in advance for advice information and suggestions

I tried that product a few years ago and it didn't work well enough for me and neither did the cordless phones with built-in Bluetooth pairing to cell phones. I returned all such products. But 7 or 8 years ago I got a product for $8.50 called the Cobra Phone Lynx that was just like the Cell2jack product and actually worked decently for a few months until it went kaput. So I consider these products works in progress. An alternative that works great for cordless phones is the Straighttalk home phone receiver that somehow flawlessly connects an analog cordless phone to reliable cell phone service, but at a cost of $15 a month. There's always the Obi/Google voice option for free, but one must pay for always-on internet for it to work. For $25 from Amazon, you can always try the Cell2Jack and it may work well for you and, if not, return it.


If family member has reliable broadband internet, I suggest instead using Ooma (VoIP) for cordless phone, which includes E911.

You could also use Obihai ATA with Google Voice for calling and Callcentric for E911, but going with Ooma will be simpler. Obihai also sells Bluetooth USB adapter for use with ATA that can be paired with mobile phone.

Thanks all,
That magic box from straight talk has been a rock for many years now. It receives and calls flawlessly in marginal reception areas when other cell phones fail. I have brought up VOIP many times. They still remember the early days when skype first came out and they object to anything that is not just picking up the phone and dialing. Which is the problem of the smartphone You have to open up the screen choose the calling app and then call. And horrors! To answer a call you have to swipe if you are on the home screen and 'allow/ answer if you have left the phone on another screen . Way too many steps.
Even though it irks to be paying $15 bucks a month for just unlimited talk, I guess the benefits of ease of use and rock solid reception still make the straight talk home phone a keeper till we get them used to the smart phones. HMMM now you have given me a thought. Maybe I will forward all the calls from the straight talk cordless phone to the smart phone number and see how that goes for a day or so.
Thanks again!

@als---one last thought on the matter: some bar phones( non-flip ones ) such as older Kyocera models are pretty similar to a cordless handset and one could be used at home with cellular service and could be answered with a push of just one button. But the inexpensive bar phones are mostly 3G, which may come to an end soon.

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My 18-minute comprehensive review of Cell2Jack just posted on YouTube.
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