Cell service when visiting Taiwan

We're planning a one week visit to Taiwan. We currently use Tello and Mint. Their websites suggest there will be no service in Taiwan.

Any recommendations? What do you do for cell service (need data) when traveling abroad?

I recommend Airalo. They have an app, which lets you purchase and download data-only eSIMs to use for international travel. I just checked their prices for local Taiwan eSIM:

  • 1 GB for $7 (valid 7 days)
  • 3 GB for $14 (valid 30 days)
  • 5 GB for $21 (valid 30 days)
  • 10 GB for $31.50 (valid 30 days)

Interestingly, their regional Asia eSIM (which covers Taiwan and some other Asian countries) is actually cheaper for the smaller units:

  • 1 GB for $5 (valid 7 days)
  • 3 GB for $13 (valid 30 days)
  • 5 GB for $20 (valid 30 days)
  • 10 GB for $37 (valid 30 days)
  • 50 GB for $100 (valid 90 days)
  • 100 GB for $185 (valid 180 days)

When considering these options, you should do some research on the actual carrier network that is supported by the particular eSIM you're considering. Almost always, these will rely on local in-country MNO/MVNO networks, which provide 4G LTE speeds, but sometimes you might get 3G only and coverage might otherwise be spotty. I've had good luck with these eSIMs in Europe, but you should do a bit of research to see if the SIMs/carrier networks that you're looking at are good or not.

Good luck!

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If your phone has an eSIM, you can use an international eSIM plan. You can check for an eSIM plan that would best meet your need at https://esimdb.com/.

If your phone doesn't have eSIM, you can either purchase a local SIM card when you arrive, or buy one from Keepgo, Vegolink, or from a number of similar providers.

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that since the travel eSIMs or SIMs I mentioned are data only, I use Google Voice over data to make phone calls to real phone #s, but I also use app-to-app systems like Messenger, Viber, and Skype, while others also use Whatsapp.

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Taiwan Mobile English language page.
A few of the 4g LTE plans may be of interest?
$100 NT = ~$3.33 US

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