Cell phone radiation

What are your thoughts, concerns?

I just have my doctor remove the baseball sized growth from the side of my head during each annual physical.

"Radiofrequency energy, unlike ionizing radiation, does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Its only consistently observed biological effect in humans is tissue heating. In animal studies, it has not been found to cause cancer or to enhance the cancer-causing effects of known chemical carcinogens (6–8)."

However, less rigorous studies have shown that keen interest in cell phone issues can lead to abnormal behavior, and delusional belief patterns (a conviction that there is such a thing as "great deals" or "free service." etc). Abundant evidence for such adverse affects can be found in daily postings on specialized sites where persons afflicted with this manageable though incurable condition are known to gather.

These behavior altering cell phone waves may explain why millennials are having less sex than previous generations. It will be interesting to find out whether this is caused from carrying phones somewhere near the reproductive organs or holding it near the head, or perhaps some combination thereof. Moreover, this may help explain the "hothead syndrome" which has occurred at the recent free speech rallies around the country, particularly in Berkley, where people get mad and violent. And, so too, as "Oldbooks1" has pointed out, this may lead to an explanation of the mass abnormal behavior of people who gather on sites such as the R+ forum, with it crazy plans and the CEO's abnormal behavior.