Cell nuvo silver

hi all, i just wanted to start this forum to just get a feel for how much silver most people have! i just feel like its been really hard to earn silver in the past few weeks.

I have 111,000 silver so 111 gold

wow thats a lot. i have 40 gold

I have 1,156 gold.

(1,156,067 silver.)

congrats! how did you pull that off?

Way to go. You should do some bitcoin mining, too.:whistle:

During the feasting times (like when the latest app came out) I always hit it hard.

I barely even have to look, anymore, so it's almost become an unconscious habit.

We travel a lot so I get lots of passenger seat time. And I love watching TV, late at night, so I swipe then, as well.

It's one of those things that just adds up before you know it.

The person who gets my 10% referrals is quite happy. :wink:

I've never owned a phone that cost more than $120 so I'm looking forward to splurging on something I would never buy with actual cash.

I was one of the early joiners back in February and have 725 gold. Another line in the family has 175 gold. We don't use our phones a lot so the silver adds up. Plus it is nice to save up for the upcoming feature - buying phones with silver.

I also have quite a few referrals. Plus there were a couple of boosts along the way by participating in the beta program.

You might have started out during one of the driest patches we've experienced if you haven't been around for long. This past 4-6 weeks has been bad other than the week before the outage.

I have been whining for a new phone since tom mentioned cellnuvo store. Now it has gsm service I want a gsm phone.