Cart before the Horse

Why would Tom tell everyone to email support about their preferred bonus choice (25% for 2017 and 10% for all 2018) when most people don't even have cell service yet. Or if they do it's not with the original number. By saying "email support for your choice of bonus" you are encouraging thousands of people to email support, but I thought we were told 'support was swamped'. If they are swamped, why encourage thousands of folks to email them what goodies they want......Like I said, cart before the horse.

I posted something similar to this in one of the massive thread elsewhere on this forum. I'm glad others think the same. It's bizarre how CN has handled this whole situation as far as communications go.

I would GLADLY forgo any bonus if they would simply address the following:

  1. When or if it's possible to get original numbers back (if you can't just tell us. We can take it)
  2. Do we loose the silver we earned watching thousands of commercials? (I have 112,000)
  3. How and when can we 're-load' our accounts?
  4. Is CN willing to spend 120 seconds a day to update us even if the update is 'nothing new or hang tight'?

Exactly. Those are the 4 topics we really need addressed.


I will even personally send Tom Mannix (who incidentally I think is a nice guy) a check for 25 Bucks if he accepts the challenge and answers the above 4 questions! (not a joke, I really will)

And when can I get a number that's not 000-000-0000

At least your new number is easy to remember. :wink:

I suspect he's worried about a number much larger than $25 at this time.:dry:

Agree with all four of the issues you brought up.

As I mentioned in another thread, I decided to bail out from CellNUVO. A week was all I was willing to give them to solve their issues and reactivate my phone. I sent them a polite email cancelling my service. I really do hope they eventually succeed with their switch over and new partnership with Red Pocket but I couldn't wait any longer.

Bought a Blackview BV8000 Pro unlocked dual sim smartphone (IP68 indestructibility rating like a CAT B100 candy bar I used to use). Ordered from Amazon on Saturday morning and it was delivered on Monday morning. Surprised any dealer had that new a model in stock in a US warehouse ready to ship.

H2O Wireless (AT&T) in slot 1 with a new number and Piranha Mobile in slot 2 with the existing US/UK numbers on it. Fast and easy activation of H2O sim card using a $10 Calling Mart airtime pin. I changed the Piranha sim profile online so in the US it roams on T-Mo instead of AT&T.

Will feed it unlimited (or virtually unlimited) data from an AT&T Mobley, a Karma/Sprint mifi device on a grandfathered plan, or a SkyRoam cloud sim mifi device for use outside the US. Paired it to my car bluetooth for calls and also media audio (was listening to KPOA Maui in the car yesterday).

Other alternative I almost went with was AT&T Prepaid (aka GoPhone) in slot 1 and MintSim in slot 2 but the minimum monthly cost would have been too high for my intended usage.

Cart before the horse indeed


PS: You have asked if we can provide the newest top of the line devices for Gold (iPhone and Samsung) and activate on any network, well the answer is yes.