Can't Throw This Guy Under the Bus

We should all be so lucky. Perhaps this fellow will get a cameo role in a future superhero movie. Or maybe he can become a stuntman.

Just wow

Doesn't seem real!

It has to be--being reported by the WP:)

This fellow is a bit too old now, but he could of been a contender in the mixed martial arts arena in his younger days, if a bus can't stop him. The reports say he is a truck driver and sometimes bartender and customer of "The Purple Turtle Pub". I foresee him being able to purchase his own pub with the likely financial compensation forthcoming from the Bus company and the product endorsements that may come his way. He could possibly name his new pub---"Is That All You Got", "Gimme Your Best Shot", "The End of the Line", or "The Bell Did Not Toll for Me".

Apparently this type of event is quite common in the UK according to a knowledgeable commentator on the WP website.

"This kind of vehicular event happens all the time in quaint English towns and villages….The knack is make sure you are really close to a pub when you get hit. Your chances of survival are greatly increased after a few pints but you have to get up and start the treatment very quickly after the collision. Englishmen all know this works perfectly so take such happenings very calmly. This foolproof technique has been passed down through generations ever since buses were invented."

10:31 AM EDT

Well, I guess this method is not an option for "Teetotalers", who nowadays most likely constitute a trivial percent of the English population. But if someone were to get hit by a bus, one could certainly forgive, particularly for medicinal purposes, a slight deviation from an individual's teetotalering ways. One wonders if Limey2 can be trusted, and what happened to Limey1?

I can only speculate that Limey 1 was the victim of a similar incident resulting from jaywalking.

Most likely Limey 1 failed to imbibe the requisite quantity of the therapeutic beverage or did not do so in a timely way. It is perhaps for the reason that Limey 2 is able to speak with such authority of these matters.

I can speak with some experience on the use of therapeutic alcoholic beverages. At home a small bottle of brandy was kept handy to administer to the family dog whenever he appeared to be unwell. Worked like a charm, the dog lived to a ripe old age and veterinary charges were surprisingly low.

Aye, dogs and brandy brings forth the image of the wise and noble St. Bernard, a best friend of man, who, we all know, has saved thousands of human lives throughout its fabled relationship with man. This wise dog breed knows all too well that carrying a wooden flask of brandy to administer to humans in their bleakest hours has saved many a life and is, therefore, a proven life saving method. And, I would bet, a noticeable uptick in the demand for and acquisition of St. Bernards will follow in the wake of this horrific bus incident, which will satisfy Limey2's being near a pub requirement, but, unfortunately, will also lead to an increased death rate for the St. Bernards, our beloved friends. Damn Limeys.