Cancelled FreedomPop accounts 3 months ago but got charged this month

I've cancelled both my FreedomPop accounts 3 months ago, before they forced everybody to paid service. However found I was charged my credit card twice of 1c yesterday.
Right now I don't have account to login, and don't know how to contact Freedompop to let them stop that. I pm'ed Freedompop on Slikdeals (used to be helpful but now the user FreedomPop is always offline). Checked their facebook, seem last comment was 1 year ago.
Anybody has similar experience? How should I do?

Looking at my credit card history, it seems to get reversed within a week sometimes.

I got charged 1 cent on July 3rd. Once this 1 cent get reversed, I am going to have my CC replaced. BTW, I had fraudulent charges on 2 of my CC - very strange that 2 were fraudulently used... wonder if FP got hacked or if staff are stealing our card info. If you have other CC registered, I would recommend having them all replaced ASAP.

It's really over the top to think we need to replace credit cards because of this!
min68, I've had pretty good luck with contact via twitter @FreedomPopHelp
The other route is to dispute the charge with your credit card, tell them it's fraudulent, and you want to remove any authorization for recurring charges from FreedomPop.

(Honestly, I don't think these charges are intentional-- just layers of old FreedomPop automated billing systems kludged on top of each other. Doesn't change the fact that they need to stop it.)

Twitter is probably your best bet for contacting FP. They've always been quick to answer.

I had account where I paid for 1 SIM & got one for penny. I split one SIM to a new account. I cancelled that account before the deadline but the old SIM also still showed up on the original account, just couldn't access it. FP charged me for that non-active, non available split off SIM that I had no way to cancel it off the original account. It WAS cancelled on the new account. I told them to make sure ALL my accounts were cancelled as I didn't want any more charges & had no active service with them.

Thanks all. I even don't have twitter acount, seems have to register one for Freedompop LOL

Wow-- I had the same scenario with FreedomPop years ago, with a split-away line being active (for billing purposes only) on 2 different accounts. It was a pain to figure out what was going on, and a pain to get straightened out. . I hadn't seen another report of that happening until now. Glad you managed to figure it out!