Can you recommend a comfortable chair

Looking for a comfortable office chair. With the following characteristics.

  1. Mesh back
  2. cushion seat (comfortable)
  3. adjustable lumbar. Up and down. In and out also. Dual movement.
  4. no head rest necessary. As long as I could take it off it doesn't matter.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

No one has any suggestions?

That's a pretty specific set of requirements. My SO and I don't usually agree on what's a 'comfortable' task chair even when we're both there to try them.

Yes, when I read your post rL I thought to myself that it was a bit akin to recommending the right pair of jeans to someone. Even if I spent a lot of time in a task chair, which I don't, what I find comfortable may bear little resemblance to what will suit you.

As you know the world changed almost 2 years ago and things like the correct chair is more important then ever

about 2/3 of the way down, there are a couple chairs under 200 that have mesh back only (I personally prefer both a mesh back and mesh seat)

Thanks for the link. Mesh back is fine. The problem with mesh seat it is too hard for long internet meetings. This is what I have now with no adjustable lumbar. So time to upgrade