Can you put a Sprint Apple Watch on Tello?

Would be really neat if you can get on the $5 plan to a cellular Apple Watch 5.

If so, maybe it is time to ditch the smart phone.


I have this feeling it's going to be a while for AW support on any MVNO because it's SUCH a dramatic undertaking. It's not just a switch flip, like so many seem to believe. There's a lot of back-end work that needs to happen between the MVNO, the upstream provider and Apple and without everyone on exactly the same page you just end up with "Not yet", which is the standard answer any MVNO that doesn't support it currently gives.

The only MVNO (not business reseller) I can think of right now that actually does it is xfinitymobile, and we don't all have Comcast's resources to draw from, and cannot just copy their work.
Here's a Ting product manager on the topic just a few days ago:

[i]TLDR: If I could snap my fingers and be done, we'd already support it.

There are a ton of reasons we don't, not the least of which being that it's still a fairly new market. While end users like you and me are more than sold, speaking in terms of investment and level of effort required, it's a little more subjective.

I actually think our pricing make us a really sharp competitor for Watch, so I am looking forward to the day we do support it.[/i]

Just get a mini-smartphone and if you must, just use am asparagus rubber band to attach it to your wrist.