Can I use CDMA and GSM?

I ordered the redpocket $60 yearly sim

It includes a GSM sim and a CDMA sim
can I use both of them?
Use the CDMA sim and my CDMA phone and the GSM in my gsm phone?
So would have AT& T in one and Verizon in the other?
Or would I have to pay double for that?

Only 1 SIM can be activated on a single plan. You could use the other SIM to activate another plan.

I have tried each of the 4carriers with rp

The way it works as Ken said one at a time, but here are some details

  1. you can only switch on your monthly roll over date. So if your month rolls over on the 7th you have to wait or lose days.

So that means 1 switch per month. So 4 carriers equals 4 months

  1. once you use a card and switch that old card can not be reused.

So you tried att you switch to Verizon. You want to go back to att next month. Rp must send you new art card.

realLexusl21: did you have occasion to move away from the Verizon SIM, and then try to move back to it?
Most MVNOs will not allow reuse of AT&T or T-Mobile SIMs, but at least some will allow reuse of a Verizon SIM.

My experience with this is limited, but Tracfone groups gladly allow it with Verizon SIMs. Whether or not the mother carrier allows it, there's no guarantee that an MVNO will do so.

Verizon was last stop

I noticed on the eBay $30 one year Red Pocket "CDMA" plan there is an option to select a GSM sim card, and I was under the impression that this plan was CDMA only in the past. If so, the ability to now use GSM T- Mobile is a plus for this very cheap plan.

Yes I believe so. Red Pocket let's you choose what carrier. But in this case. Just cmdas (Sprint) and gsmt (TMobile)

Since it is holiday season I will go ask rp in chat for you. To verify what I already know


Yes, it's for CDMAS and GSMT
you need to select it on the sim type
for GSMT[/b]

THIS is what support just stated
But in this case. Just cmdas (Sprint) and gsmt (TMobile)

PS please note rp TMobile does not allow for voicemail app, but has hotspot