Bye, Bye Internet for Some

The big telecoms will surely do the right thing with the extra dough coming their way.

Another, but similar, take on the FCC move:

It does not seem likely to me that the big carriers will be inclined to "step up" to assist precisely the type of customer they've declined to assist under free-market conditions. (Rural areas with poor build-out payoffs, and low-cost monthly plans.)

Unfortunately, it appears that this is who will be available to suddenly be concerned with serving those customers, since the FCC is also disqualifying MVNOs (who are more likely to concentrate on niche markets).
On a side note-- perhaps this is part of why SWIPIR (CellNuvo's other app) is being repositioned-- no point to tie into MVNOs that won't be allowed to do that business anyway.

Doubtful, but with a glimmer of hope, there is the possibility of companies such as Google and Facebook stepping in with the projects that they have been working on that would deliver low cost internet to remote and rural areas, though I believe they have been focussed on poor countries, not wealthy ones like the US. Perhaps their experience with disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico will also benefit remote, poor areas in this country.