Buying phones with silver - what phones would you like to see in the store?

Tom has mentioned that Cellnuvo is working towards us being able to buy phones with silver. Both android and iphones.

In these category's what phones would you like to see offered?

  1. Android (NEW)
  2. Android (USED)
  3. Iphone (NEW)
  4. Iphone (USED)

I'd be interested in an iphone 6 plus myself or a S7 edge. New would be better but probably a refurb for how much silver I have.

But it would be nice to see some carrier free phones like the moto g4 play, moto g5 plus in the store too. Cheap phones like the HTC desire 510 would also be useful for those starting out.

Samsung S4 or S5 is a nice phone for most. Shouldn't cost much. Note 4 also

My preference would be for an inexpensive-ish carrier agnostic phone like a Motorola G4.

Factory refurb would be ideal, for additional savings. That would give the most phone for the minimum buck.

I agree on the carrier free phones like Moto G4, G5. Hopefully when they launch their GSM service, we can easily change from CDMA to GSM if the GSM coverage is better in that area.

Thanks everyone

After given this some thought. I would also like to add a comment.

As we have seen with the limited Ringplus current used phone give away contests. People flock to get a phone.
I imagine that if Cellnuvo has offers of used and new phones for silver. That this would increase their membership in a drastic way and set them apart from the competition. Creating a buzz.

As we all know I prefer New phones. I feel that if Cellnuvo can offer a range of New phones from low to high priced. This would work greatly in their favor. For people who just want a cheap phone they can get it with a small effort with silver. But if you also offer High silver priced phones. This will give a goal for someone to achieve and reward the people who already have a large pot of silver.

Since Cellnuvo suggested that they will bring on T-mobile service. A selection of multi carrier phones would great.

I assume that these phones will be unlocked? Also would like to see Android Lollipop and above.

These are my suggestions:

Sprint based phones:

Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6

Multi- Carrier phones:

Nexus 5, 6

Motorola G4play, G4, G4 Plus
Motorola G5, G5 Plus

I am not a iphone person but I have used the 6S and it is a nice phone

A selection of Sim card for sale (silver) would also be a good idea.

We are currently working with our suppliers to hammer out details on this

We want to allow folks to use silver for hardware (phones cases headsets etc). As with all things we do, we are making sure it is feasible and sustainable before we pull the trigger. Your feedback is VERY much appreciated in terms of device selections. We want to have a good mix of devices to offer, new refurb older newer etc etc. based off what I am seeing here and emails I have received I think we are all on the same page


The new Moto Z2 Play would be a nice phone to add to the list. It launches later in the summer.


Thank you for joining us. I personally feel as well as others that if there are at least one new flagship phone. That would create buzz. Even an galaxy s5, s6, s7

Multi carrier phones will give people a choice. If they are happy with cellnuvo, but not sprint service. They could switch to tmobile. When cellnuvo adds tmobile service.

The moto E4 looks like a good budget option. It is getting good reviews.

I wonder if a pixel XL will make it into the store for the 1 million silver prize. Or the Essentials phone.

What's the time-frame Tom? I need a new phone, but I don't want to spend green if I could use silver.

Coming soon

AHHHH The ambiguous "Coming Soon"

Once had a CEO tell me that 14 years ago. LOL never happened.

Maybe this RED phone.

Chelle might have enough Silver / Gold / Platinum to get that.

Use that phone to holographically swipe for ads, & CellNuvo will give you ads worth 1 million silver.

I'd be willing to pay a bit more for the Red Hydrogen phone, say $2,000, if they offer a "Graphene" model.

What is "Graphene"

Here Tis-- Applications - Graphene - The University of Manchester
Goldman Sachs | Insights - Advanced Materials: The DNA of Disruption

Are they using this for phones yet????

Moto g play is the best option.