Buying iPhone on Amazon with gold

If I bought an iPhone on amazon with gold, could I use it on red pocket and pay the 10 gold a month from my app on my android phone? And use my old Samsung s4 phone that my cellnuvo app is on to continue swiping to earn gold since iPhone doesn't have the cell nuvo app?



I just activated an app on my old note 2 from an account I haven't used in a while, the account originaly only had 8 gold left but thought I would swipe for a couple gold so I could use 10 gold to make a redpocket payment. To my surprise there was 31 gold in the acct., the app is on ver. 2.74 and now shows the phone installment option. One of my other phones on 2.74 also shows the phone option and another one doesn't. Probably the wrong place to post this but it looks like you don't have to be on the latest version to get the phone installent option.

They probably posted the bonus payment from the 10/25% choice you picked. Unless you have referrals and someone earned a bunch for you.

Now that I think about it you are probably correct, I think I used a refferal code.