Buying and Selling Bitcoins, et al via PayPal

I've always yearned for a some crypto dough to play with, and buying and selling using PayPal might be the ticket.

Is there any major practical difference as to which Bitcoin vendor one uses?

I know little about cryptocurrency platforms, but I was hoping that PayPal's potentially new platform would allow one to bypass having to open an account with a vendor (requiring ID proof--proof on residency, etc.), which I believe one must now do in order purchase cryptocurrency with one's PayPal account. So if one already has a PayPal account, and the supposedly new features coming to PayPal materialize, then one would need to do little; if anything, to buy and sell cryptocurrency. I assume PayPal's 320 million users would provide leverage for having a platform that would have advantages over other vendors, otherwise what would be the point? Perhaps a forum member with cryptocurrency experience will have some insight on the matter.