Bring Your Own Device - Flip Phone doesn't work?

I'm at the Bring Your Own Device.
CellNUVO doesn't accept ESN, MEID

I already check it with Ting and Tello Mobile. Both show clear. This phone was on RingPlus.

This flip phone is for my uncle.
Can CellNUVO CEO work to fix this? The "contact us" is useless.

If you activate an android phone first (needed anyway to earn silver since there is no flipphone app) and then email they might do it. No one has tried as far as I am aware. They let iphones on that way but an iphone app is coming soon. You'll have to ask them if it is possible. There is no way you can directly sign up using a flip phone since the app is required for initial activation.

Maybe cellnuvo support could chime in if around please.

If he doesn't use much then tello is probably better for a flip phone. Or TPO if you want unlimited talk/text for $7.99+ tax.

I tried to activate a smartphone, today, and it's telling me that it's a GSM phone.

It's a Boost phone that was on R+ and that tests good on Ting.

I think they're having technical difficulties, right now.

Second question:
How many CellNUVO account can one person have?

I have my own CellNUVO account.
I'm signing this second account for my uncle under my Billing address. I will have to earn Points for him. He doesn't know how to use smartphone.

Hopefully their supposed current tech problems explains why data on my iPhone 5 isn't working since I swapped it onto my account almost a week ago.

Try the MEID Dec instead of Hex. Sometimes it gets confused because the IMEI is so close to the Hex.


Broken again? I thought they fixed it for you?

I have 2 under the same address so at least 2 is my answer!

Maybe gsm phones gets triple silver