Boost Mobile circular loop customer service bot

We are having major TMO tower issues here, so this is impacting my home internet (lowerst priority, now stuck on LTE and service like early days DSL) and now also my phone hotspot (I guess TMHI users are now using hotspot so overall it just makes everyone's service horrible for ALL services.

I am looking to get an alternate service for the interim. Tried to check on Boost website but the chatbots keeps going back to its preprogrammed bubbles and refuses to transfer to a human. I then tried their phone and it is the same thing. This tells me I should not sign up with Boost. Thanks for the tip, Boost. LOL

What's a good prepaid option for unlimited internet that does not use T-Mobile towers?

Visible is my home internet backup. Unlimited hotspot (the 5Mbps is enough for our streaming needs) and PdaNet+ works great if I need more bandwidth (on-device speeds in my area easily exceed 30Mbps even though we're in a somewhat rural area).

The new network has respectable ping speeds, so it's not like it used to be.

And $30/month is a great deal. I think there are some $25 promotions going on at this time, too.