Boost $25 Unlimited Promotion Still Available

I thought it was supposed to end on 11/4/18 but it still seems to still be available.

This online only deal is a BYOP for specific smartphone models.

I've got an LG X Charge on it and am quite happy.

Unlimited talk, text, LTE, and 12GB of LTE hotspot. (Ignore the 8GB in the announcement. It's been raised to 12GB.)

The plan also includes 50 minutes per month of voice and text roaming.

can you use your own sim? text says you need to buy one.

Sprint kickstart $25/month unlimited also seems to be back on. I think that doesn't include mobile hotspot but I might be able to get around that with a jailbroken iPhone.

I used my own SIM with no problem.

Sprint Kickstart might have better roaming allotments. Fifty minutes per month will be plenty for me.

Nice to have native hotspot without having to break terms of service.