Anyone here used Boom that can share their experiences with their quality and competitiveness?

They have a fairly big presence on howard forums and a boom rep is on there. It is quite popular being inexpensive for verizon, taxes all in and includes roaming.

If you're looking for a Verizon based line, is Boom a better value than Total Wireless? Are any other Verizon MVNOs competitive with these two?

What are the benefits and trade-offs when choosing between Boom and Red Pocket for Verizon service?

From what I found, Boom has two $20 unlimited T&T plans. One with no data and one with 250 MB of data. Why would anyone take the no data plan for the same price as the plan with data?

Red Pocket charges $19 unlimited T&T with 100 MB of data.

For my purposes, I only need a small amount of data. But which provider has more reasonable pricing for additional data? Do both providers offer data add-ons to be purchased on an "as needed" basis?

Does either provider charge extra taxes or fees?

Do both providers include unlimited MMS on all their plans?

Does either provider offer unlimited 2g data after the included plan data is exhausted?

Do both providers provide comparable/equivalent customer service through US based representatives?

Are both providers' Verizon service equally reliable from an operational basis?

Are there any other Verizon MVNOs that are in the same price ballpark as these two that is also worth considering? (Total Wireless, etc.)

I think if you are looking to spend near $20 then go with Boom.

-Redpocket charges tax but boom doesn't

-Redpocket sells annual plans on ebay that can be cheaper. Personally I think these are the only ones worth considering vs Boom. They have $99 for 500mins/500texts/100mb (same as their $10 a month plan via the website) and $199 for 1000/1000/500mb lte/500mb 2g. There are often $15 off ebay flash promos you can use and the $199 plan is discounted to $149 around Black Friday. The other month it was $169.

-Both have plans with unlimited 2g data but you have to select a plan with it - it isn't on all plans

-Boom has better customer service. It is active on howardforums as you probably know. Seen you around there.

-Boom is more cutting edge and has received VOLTE ahead of other verizon mvnos.

  • Boom also uses the 'extended' verizon network giving extra coverage vs other verizon mvnos.

*** Consider Tello ( Sprint ): I have a phone on the $15+tax with unlimited T&T and with a coupon got $10 paygo for data ( 2 cents a mbp), which does not expire and use as needed. Great CS.

EDIT: Oops, I gave you some wrong info. It's $15+tax for unlimited talk ( No Text), but the paygo data can be used for text. Still , a pretty good deal, if one doesn't text much, as is the case for this my mother in law's phone.