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BOOM! Mobile free 30 day trial on three networks with 450 flex units--aka min. or texts or Mbps. Catch= "Although the plan is being marketed as a free trial plan, Boom! Mobile is charging for shipping. In my area, the cheapest shipping option came to $8.73 for USPS 1-3 days shipping with tracking." Hmmm--$8.73 to ship a sim card. So not really free---bust.

If you are interested in the trial offer you can pick it up here.

For those who roam in really challenging reception areas - Last I checked (close to 2yrs. ago) Boom offers VZW extended network roaming for voice/msg. As I understand it that means same signal availability as VZW postpaid (NOT for data though).
If anyone is thinking of getting their VZW based service and questions them re this I'd love to know if that info. is current.

"Just days after announcing a new free trial plan, Boom! Mobile is back with another new plan. This time it's an annual plan. Boom! Mobile's new annual plan is an unlimited everything plan with the first 5GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds for $239.04 annually or $19.92/month." (Tax included)

Choice of AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon networks.

HD Voice calling (VoLTE)
WiFi calling on all networks except Verizon
Visual Voicemail
Free activation

That annual plan is actually very good especially with boom's better than average customer service and features. I chatted with them and they said that the plan can be renewed after the year end. The price they intend as of now for renewal is the same as the initial price. You can renew with autopay.

You know who they are going for.

Hope it does well and they can see their way to get an annual plan offer under $170 (2/3 GB softcap data?). There is a RP plan in the fam. just waiting Boom!

$199 on ebay for the annual plan.

You can also get the trial sims for a lot less on amazon and ebay. Same seller BlueBeatDigital

Almost free--$5-- Boom Mobile 30 day trial plan with 450 Flex units. The $5 is for sim shipping.

Well at least they have brought the shipping down from $8-9.

You used to be able to get these sims off amazon for $1-3 but it seems that seller is more interested in selling PPE right now (bluebeatdigital)

A month or so ago, I got the 450, 30 day flex trial plan for $2+ w/free shipping. Good deal for temporary use.


Just checked and I got the plan from BlueBeatDigital on eBay. I don't see any of the 450 trial plans listed there anymore. I actually paid $2.97, though I used some eBay bucks to reduce the price.

Boom Mobile will be offering wifi calling on Verizon. They plan to offer esim and 5g in the future.

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That's great news! Wonder if that will also be the case soon for other Verizon MVNOs, such as US Mobile. Guess we will just have to wait and see.