Bonus data

Got a surprise checking one of my LTE SIM today. On month refresh/Oct 3, I got a 5GB bonus.

0 MB / 5.24 GB of mobile data

Strange, though... the Auto Top-Up was originally set to OFF but it is now ON.
And when I try to turn it off, it insists that I signed up for a $6.99/mo service... even if I subscribe then disable immediately, I wuold be paying FP $6.99. Another new gotcha?

PEW, I believe you are the reigning king of unexpected FreedomPop bonus data. As always when you post of one, I've checked my accounts only to determine again that you're special, and I'm not.

Discouraging about the Auto Top-Up setting. I have it disabled on my hotspot, but don't pay the monthly charge. It seems to be a glitch that has let it stay that way, but I'd hate to lose it. So far, mine remains disabled, but I'm about 10 days away from the end of my billing period.

I have never received any bonus data.

Same here. A couple of months ago a couple of my AT&T data only SIMs Auto Top-Ups that were originally set to OFF got turned ON by themselves (or had help from FP). I thought it was just me. I didn't bother to contact FP since I had other SIMs to work with.