Blu R1 Plus

... just got mine, very nice...


  • I am able to install 2 FP LTE SIM and have about 2gb of usable data each month by switching SIM via menu.
  • I am able to enable wifi hotspot, thus now I have an "AT&T" hotspot.


  • Could not get TruPhone SIM to work. It seems to want to only connect to T-Mobile, which TruPhone no longer has roaming agreements with...
  • Crappy screen protector. Lots of bubbles.
  • Cheapo TPU case. But hey, it's included.

How is the camera?

I have a FP (AT&T) SIM and a Toggle Mobile SIM installed on the Blu R1+.

The Toggle is an effective replacement for TruPhone.

Thanks for the Toggle idea.

I've seen people talk about Toggle. On their website, I don't see anything about free incoming calls. Only that it cost 2 pence /min (USA to USA). If I convert that at today's rates, that would be 0.04 /min. Wouldn't Speedtalk "Low Cost Paygo Plans" at .02 cents for talk or text or data be a better plan for T-Mobile 2g (less cost for each bucket)? I'm not talking about the crap RP+/Speedtalk plans either :open_mouth: :lol:

Toggle provides you a US number with free incoming calls and texts. The US number is free if you renew it every 30 days (at which point the number might change.) For £5/year you keep the same US number without having to renew it.

Outgoing calls is 3 pence/minute to call (from and to) any of the 19(?) Toggle countries, including the US. Comparing to SpeedTalk you need to consider incoming is free with Toggle. Also, as long as you make at least one outgoing call or text every 3 months (or is it 6 months?), your Toggle balance never expires and your needn't add any additional funds.

I tried that plan with a dual sim phone and att fp sim. Worked great! $5 a month. Toggle would be good if you plan to never use close to 250 mins or have a lot of incoming calls. The speedtalk plan works for those wanting more like 250 mins or who would like the flexibility to use tmobile data now and then. If you talk and text a lot more say 500/500 then the redpocket essentials plan is good - $99 on ebay or less with a coupon.

There is supposed to be a multi touch issue with the blu phone - can't pinch to zoom. Harks back to days long past.

I don't understand why the TruPhone SIM wouldn't work? Any thoughts there? Does the BLU R1 have a menu setting to select network? (or does that only work for data network?)

The Trusim is now only on the ATT Network. ATT shut down their 2g network. On most dual sim phones, the second slot is 2g only. Only the more expensive dual sim phone support 3g on both sims. I haven't seen anywhere that the new BLU R1 Plus supports 3g in the second slot. PEW's experience with trying to use the Trusim is good info.

But, the phone does support 3G. PEW's first post mentions that the phone can operate 2 LTE FP SIMs by switching in the menu, so it seems that both slots support at least LTE by menu selection. If only one slot supports 3G (not menu selectable), it seems like the TruSim should work in that slot (at least). Of course, I'm probably still missing something, and trying to understand what......

Both slots getting LTE on FP LTE SIM.

Voice may be different. I'm net an expert or as my father in law says a spert. ;). Does it support umts on second sim that would allow 3G calling?

Cool it supports LTE with both sims slot.

UMTS yes.

The newest phone, similar but newer specs, Blue Pure View, $130.