Big redpocket black friday sale and plan updates

Sale on via ebay
eg $204.99 for the 8gb plan

500/500/500 plan for $10 is now 1000mins/500texts/1gb . $10 a month from the redpocket website or $94 for a year off ebay (edit thanks redrotors unlimited texts on the ebay version)

$19 plan is now 3gb. Probably some other changes too.

All plans on the redpocket website are $5 for the first month.

They keep raising the data from 5 to 7 and now 8 gig

Same price though

I'm seeing unlimited text on $95 eBay plan.

What do you guys/gals think will become of their 200 min./1000 text/200mb CDMAS only $30 annual plan?

Last Dec. I got the 3gb plan for $167. So, no increase in high speed data or a better price.

In general RP seems to prefer upping allotments vs. lowering price.

RP, please up allotments on the $30 annual plan!

The $95 1000 min., unlimited text, 1gb HARD CAPPED plan doesn't compare favorably for me vs. recently purchased $120 NET 10 unlimited/unlimited/1gb SOFT capped plan.
If you'd never approach 1000 min./mo. maybe the +$25 isn't worth the "data insurance" and/or you'd be just as happy paying RP some or all of that $25 for some high speed add on data if & when you need it.

Ok thanks!

I think it will go away. Maybe it will get replaced with a T-Mo 'value' plan, but likely not at the same price.
I keep expecting the annual plan to go away-- at some point, Red Pocket has to figure they'll have to transition folks to T-Mobile service before a year goes by.

RP has also continued to upgrade existing account holders. I purchased a 12 month 5 GB plan about 3 months ago, it was upgraded to 7 GB automatically about a month ago and noticed it was now upgraded to 8 GB today.

Yes the 3gb plan is $169.99 but most should be able to get 5% ebay bucks. Just have to activate the promo so effectively costs less than less year. Can't remember if tax was charged last year or not but that can't be helped.

Pretty sure I got eBay bucks last year (might have been 10%) plus 5% back via Chase or Discover for paying w/PayPal. In any case none of that $ comes from RP.

I'm keeping a curious eye on slickdeals threads for reports of plan renewal code being emailed. People are using DE or OR mailing address to avoid tax. If you don't need a SIM (renewing & not switching MNO) should work.

They are offering that plan for CDMA and GSMT. I'm sure they'll ultimately drop the CDMAS

Yes looks like gsmt too from the listing. That is new.

Can someone please remind me how long Red Pocket SIMs can remain unactivated?

They changed it a while back to 90 days. But you can load your account and stack the plans so no need to hold them unactivated.

Careful with stacking, it ONLY works with identical plans. If plans are not identical then the last plan entered will immediately replace the previous plan and all credit of previous plan is lost.

I hadn't noticed they added GSMT, makes sense if they decide to not drop it totally.

I'm not seeing that they are offering CDMA (VZW), only CDMAS (Sprint).

The description says 7 gig but on top says 8 gig???? Also when you click "more" it says the usual cmda,cmdas,hasn't. Ect

UNLIMITED LTE Data(7GB @ LTE) (7GB @ LTE). Verizon LTE compatible or other unlocked LTE CDMA Device to use with our service. One GSMA, CDMA or CDMAS LTE SIM card. You will not be able to exceed the allotted amount of data."

This plan now available for both CDMA and GSM phones.

Posted this on another thread today:

I noticed on the eBay $30 one year Red Pocket "CDMA" plan there is an option to select a GSM sim card, and I was under the impression that this plan was CDMA only in the past. If so, the ability to now use GSM T- Mobile is a plus for this very cheap plan.

Nice find Isamorph!