Do you use it? What are your thoughts?

I have used the stand alone bidets in Europe and liked them, but I believe they are becoming obsolete there due to the added costs and the extra space they consume. So if these bidet toilet seats are catching on here, maybe they are also doing so all over the developed world. Yet I do not know anyone who has one, nor have I seen one installed anywhere. A significant number of buyers of the linked bidet product mention that it can't be installed on their particular toilets, but overall the product got good reviews. For now, I'll just get by with my inexpensive squirt gun.

Supposed to save on toilet paper... seems worth it.

A controlled scientific study might be necessary to determine if that is true, and if true, would the savings be <=> than the increased amount of water used?

Edit: I've been looking around and it seems that most articles on bidets come down in favor of bidets in that they save on TT, which evidently requires a large amount of water to produce, and they don't use that much water. So, since they are good for the environment, many people will be reluctant to buy them.

I've been using them for about 10 years now.

One of them is a fancy one with electronic controls for heated seat, dryer, position adjustment and heated water. Self cleans after use and has a button for extra hot water cleaning. Got that one because there was only a cold water supply nearby but I had a power socket for the bidet.

This type replaces the entire existing seat.

Have another three which are non electric. Two of them are identical and I got them on ebay from Korea. They mix hot and cold water and I had access to hot and cold water for both of them. The other is a cold water only model as there is no hot water nor a power point near enough to that toilet.

Usually not a problem to use cold water unless the room temp portion of the cold water runs out. I got the cold water only one from Amazon first to try it out and then got the other three.

These type go under the existing seat. All the ones I got have the ability to clean the nozzle with water.

Like Isamorph, I use a squirt gun but in my case only on vacation.

Such a cute thread (water works vs. paper work) !!!
In our place it takes maybe 3-4 minutes for the hot water to reach the bathroom.
I can just imagine sitting there enduring full-force cold water before getting warmed up a bit sometime later...yeeowww.

For now I'm glad that the sink is within arm's reach & a little water on some TP does the job well enough, while for the times it is needed, keeping a thing of moist baby wipes in the vanity also serves quite well.

E_Z wrote: :"I can just imagine sitting there enduring full-force cold water before getting warmed up a bit sometime later...yeeowww."

Your statement reminded me of some of the humorous "question and answer" section on the Amazon site of the bidet seat linked on this thread, which indicate that, if anything, bidet seats are a conversation piece.

As it happens, I'm installing one, tomorrow, for a little old lady I know. She bought an electric toilet seat model from Amazon.

She has reduced mobility, these days, and can't tidy her tush as well as she used to.