Best way to view recent posts excluding almost everything from General Category

What are some tips/tricks for anyone interested in nthforum only for the telecom/mobile tech categories and deals from General category. Normally, I just go to the recent posts (Nth Circle - Forum), but around election time at least, this gets flooded with general category posts. It take longer to view / catch up on the telecom / deals categories with all the general posts, but if there isn't any way to exclude them, then I guess I'll have to ride this out until it returns to "normal".

I usually check the site a few times a week and by leveraging the recent view, I can see all the posts since I last visited the site. As it stands right now - the first page contains 16 topics form the general category. Normally the volume of general posts are considerably less and I can view all the topics since I last visited on one page. I assume within a few weeks post election it will return to normal, but was hoping someone had some tips / tricks. I do see you can subscribe to a sub category, but assume that will fill up my inbox with posts (and I would have to subscribe to each category and keep an alert for new subcategories).

Thanks for any tips!

Instead of the recent posts link, you can try Telecom - Nth Circle and scroll about halfway down the page.

But as for me, I'm here for all the discussion. Politics can't be avoided these days and I think it's better to engage now than be surprised later. As I see it, the time for my apathy in politics was probably 20 years ago.

Thanks, I can try that for the three I'm interested in. I'll see if that works better than scrolling across multiple pages:

As an aside, I am engaged in politics, but that is not what I'm looking for for when I'm on Nth Circle.

Yeah, I totally understand that. I've come to the conclusion that the current inhabitant of the White House means that literally everything (including telecom) is now political and we all need to just face the music and power through.

It'd be nice if nth helped shine a spotlight on those political issues that actually did cross stream with telecom, like the FCC, Net Neutrality or the DOJ's recent approval of the T-Mobile merger a little more, rather than just on MVNOs and deals therein.

I don't think the current "discussion" on politics here is anything more than the rantings of a few anti Trump fanatics. Not sure why they insist on flooding this particular forum with all of this. Most of the time they are just talking to themselves. They wouldn't flood howardforums or reddit/r/nocontract with this kind of discussion. I don't mind some as any topic is open to discussion and you can't avoid the election but this is every day laying it on thick and heavy as if there is someone they are trying to convince. Who in particular is beyond me.

I too wish I could filter posts a bit more.

Yeah, but HoFo and nocontract don't have general discussion forums. They're hyper-focused. nth is different, and it's part of why I like it here.

Yeah, that does make for some for interesting conversations. If you're ever tempted to start a thread on some topic, I'd be very interested in learning, and/or joining in.

Actually, I think Nth readers have been pretty involved in discussing the T-Mobile merger, the coming Verizon/Tracfone buyout, etc. It's a smaller group than participates on Reddit, so less likely that there will be long threads like might develop on Reddit. (And honestly, except for you and a few others, we don't have lots of members that have a breadth of technical background and industry experience.)

Exactly 'how' those topics get discussed here is a little different, since thoughts and comments are frequently spread across different carrier/MVNO categories rather than in a central thread..

That said, it does seem true that most conversation here is about how MVNOs fit with the particular needs of users-- which isn't a bad thing. I'm not sure that's surprising, since a core group of members here came from a common background in the MVNO world.

And in some ways, Nth is relatively unique. We do seem to have a lot of people willing to try something new and experimental, and sometimes become the defacto 'knowledge base' for an MVNO.

Of course but flooding the forum every day with numerous political posts ranting about how bad Trump is isn't discussion.

There is a lot of disrespect for anyone who votes Republican which does not promote discussion either.

It is the same Reddit trolls. Whom been banned by hungry ghost many times. They keep making new names and coming back.

I believe they flood this board with this or that topic (today it is political, tomorrow something else) to drive us out of 9th circle.

This should be a communication board and a help board (general discussion)

Plenty of political talk on Reddit. It should stay there.

Better yet we should have the power to hide users you do not want to read.

Go to Youtube finance and stocks, Trump's fanatic cults and wanna-be Taliban, radical rights are all over there, giving dooms-day scenarios if Trump this and that! When you're facing with tons of lies from Trump's, his cults and his goons like Dr. Death (Scott Atlas) giving out FALSE information about face masks to prolong this coronavirus and cause needless suffering and deaths. Face with massive disinformation from them, you can't sit back, stay silent, and let them do whatever they want or continue to mislead people!

Regarding to their wanna-be Taliban (align with Trump), radical rights who were plotting to kidnap Gov. Whittmore to silence her, we as Americans get sick of these domestic cowardists (aka terrorists) that destroying our country, with the encouragements from Trump! Biden/Harris will take STRONG actions against these cowardists!

This forum and youtube channels have allowed many of us to voice our outrages and respond to their lies!


I'd argue that hiding those with whom you disagree is somewhat part of the problem -- metaphorically, anyway. We create these echo chambers in life that don't reflect the reality of our situations because the other view (in good faith or not, but honestly who can tell anymore) is abhorrent to us.

I don't know what the solution is. I'm just here to talk my general interests, maybe score a cell phone deal and talk about how it'll all be better someday.

The Trump administration looks like it is pushing the Pentagon to hand out it's 5G spectrum on a no bid contract to a company invested in by it's donors.

The grift and criminality is endless.

If this was meant for me I never said I disagreed with them. I disagree with the methods being used and question the purpose of flooding a primarily tech forum with it. But that is not something to argue with you about as I agree with what you say here and I too am here for exactly the same reasons as you! I'm sure many of us would like to hear your opinion on some of the topics you mentioned.

Let's start with I think the Sprint/T-Mobile merger will have a chilling effect on new MVNOs and aggressive price movement once the price freeze expires.

And I think we're already starting to see the market shrink as a result of diminished competition:

I think the FCC has a lot to account for and will account for exactly none of it because Ajit Pai, like Mitch McConnell, isn't interested in talking about being consistent or taking the high road.

I think none of this will change in the short term, but getting smart, tech-savvy people of all ages, races and creeds elected to local office is the best chance we've got at stemming the tide in the long term. I think too much is focused on federal office when down-ballot small D democratic institutions is what typically more likely affects your own day-to-day life.


This is primarily a tech forum. It should stay that way.

This forum was a refuge from the bombardment of this or that political views.

There are a million places to go. Then to post here and talk to the same few Reddit posters whom have been banned for multiple screen names.
Only these people are just talking to themselves. Most of us will not read or engage with political talk.
So there really is no discussion going on. Just a few people preaching to the choir.

Any Trump appointee should be viewed with suspicion until their actions prove otherwise. The other reason to be suspicious of Pai from the beginning was he came from Verizon where Bill Barr also worked.

Here he is pushing a false narrative about section 230:

FWIW your recent posts link (which I also use) didn't used to be telecom in general. Not even close! It was >90% CellNUVO posts back when me and the users here had that. So I agree with your putting quotes around "normal".

I think they will be gone when the funding stops, probably in another 6 weeks.

I'm sorry for taking the bait sometimes but I tire of all the ramblings and like Popeye sometimes said "That's all I can stands, cuz I can't stands n'more!"

To all the regular folk here, I apologize for sounding crass at times and only want the best for all of us. I won't filter what posts are shown because I never know what topic may come up. I didn't think I would ever buy another carrier specific phone but KentE showed a good deal on a $15 phone that I had to get, lol. I now have to decide which older phone I have to toss (out with the old in with the new).

112059, I apologize if the Radiant Core ends up NOT supporting WiFI calling. I did do enough research to feel comfortable that it did, but idanth shared that s/he has one, and WiFi calling doesn't work for idanth.

I would be against this merger because many that use Tracfone use the Tmobile and AT&T networks and I am quite certain Verizon would switch them in the people's best interest. /sarcoff