Best way to sell a Google Pixel 7?

I have a Google Pixel 7, unlocked and new sealed that I want to sell.

What is the best way to sell this and what would a fair price be?

I put it on Nextdoor but no interest. People in my area seem to prefer iPhones or maybe I need to just drop the asking price.

I sell mine on Swappa.

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I'd say about $12 is a good price. Oh, and I'll buy it without even trying to bargain you down to $11!!! :innocent: :crazy_face:

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On a slightly more serious note, I've sold several phones to weSellTrade. They're currently offering $291 for a flawless 128GB Pixel 7. Pixel 7 Trade In | Sell For Cash Today | WeCellTrade

There are other similar places so check around for the best offer, if you're interested in doing something like that.

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I found an escrow agent named George Santos whose great grandmother was Mother Theresa's mentor. Totally trustworthy guy. He advises me that if you send him the money, he will instruct Tom Mannix to ship it to you and you should receive it "soon".

If it's allowed, what are you asking for it?

I've sent you a message.

Was going to list it on Swappa but found a nice buyer and saved about 9.5% in fees.

Next item I'm selling is a 27 inch iMac.