Best International Forwarding Service?

Hello Friends,
I was wondering if anyone here was aware of a decent service that allows incoming calls to be transferred to an outside forwarding number. I know that Skype can do it, however when the call is transferred to the new number, it doesn't bring over the original caller ID. I am mainly looking for a service that does that as a minimum requirement.

Edit: It does not have to be a free service, although would be nice if it was. I am OK with a flat monthly rate if necessary. This service wouldn't need to forward text messages only calls, but if it already does that would be a bonus for me.

Any and all information is helpful, thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I'm rather ignorant about this topic, but I saw the following site with a paygo feature, and it might be worth a look. It's voip and I've no idea about the called ID process. International call forwarding numbers - OneSuite Forwarding

My google voice number has been pretty reliable about receiving calls from the US when I am out of the country, so I haven't had to worry about forwarding.
Many of our friends in Panama have used Vonage for years which provides them with a us number.
Hope this helps.