Best GSM provider for two months of service

Who would offer the lowest cost GSM service that's only needed for two months? Need lots or unlimited talk and text but only a tiny amount of data (even 100 MB).


Buy a preloaded plan off ebay eg lyca 2 months for $18.99

TPO or Tello.

I thought Tello doesn't offer GSM.

Does TPO offer among the best GSM pricing currently?

I liked tpo. Switched to redpocket annual plan paid by cellnuvo

Maybe not the cheapest but

1 month. Is $25 or $30 depends on data

Tello is Sprint network only. Good choice if Sprint was an option, though.

Whoops. Read it too fast.

I revise my answer to TPO or Mint Mobile.

I have a backup Project Fi SIM sitting in my drawer. I can rent it for short term. $12/month, unlimited talk and text and 3GB LTE data on T-Mobile network. Works with most unlocked GSM phones or locked T-Mobile phones. PM if you are interested.

If you don't mind buying various sim cards and using different numbers,
h20 sim with one month unlimited talk promo for $7.00 might be an option. I have no knowledge whether these are reputable sellers or not.

I know some H20 (and other MVNO) dealers do this sort of intro sale to gain customers, although I have no experience with the seller. It's a great price for a temporary line!

We used H2O from back when they were called 'oxygen' for our 2 GSM phones.
It was a monthly fixed charge for low usage and the best deal we could find at the time.
All was well until they overcharged us to the tune of $50+ in a single month.
(Our usual, total bill was around $39 every month.)

When we called to question that overcharge they did not help AND as soon as the call ended they cancelled both our lines without any consent on our parts, but left the overcharge in place.

We paid that off just to avoid getting into a credit skirmish, and just chalked it up to the fact that they were a child concern of (the totally evil...) AT&T.

That was the impetus which drove us to become users of the old rp - as we also had to move & were very broke - so 'free' was a strong attraction back then.

Now, years later, they must have alienated MANY users because they are spamming us with snail mail as well as emails encouraging us to come back for their wonderfully affordable services.

We do not need any extra GSM coverage right now - but if we did, and went for this as a temporary measure - one thing is certain:
It would need to be done with definite precautions so as to prevent future billings.

That could be accomplished (perhaps ??) by using a time-limited VCC via & cancelling on time to prevent any next billing.

Let the buyer beware - that is the best advice about H2O that I can offer !!