Best deal with hotspot

Looking for suggestions of either Verizon or Sprint based service with 2gb data a month with tethering...

Unreal Mobile, $15/mo includes 2GB LTE, unlimited 2g, and hotspot. (Sprint or AT&T)

Pix Mobile, $20/mo includes 2GB LTE, unlimited 3g (128 kbps, I believe), and no hotspot, but PdaNet+ can rectify that. (Verizon or Sprint)

If you haven't checked it lately, Dennis Bournique's Plan Finder at has lots of improvements, and is pretty wonderful. (Thanks, Yeswap!)

I don't know how many minutes/texts you might need, but other possibilities include
Tello (Sprint): $16-19 plus tax/fees, for 200-to-unlimited minutes.
Twigby (Sprint with limited VZW roaming), $19 plus tax/fees inc. 200 minutes, stepped up from there.
Red Pocket (VZW, 12-month) $19.08
Red Pocket (Sprint, 12 month, via ebay) $19.08 with 5 GB
Gen Mobile (Sprint), $20 + taxes

None of these beat Chelle's suggestions for simple month-to-month cost with a particular network, although the Red Pocket Sprint plan has more than twice the data for a few dollars more per month..

Re: Plan Finder-- you can designate carriers, hotspot requirements, whether iOS imessage is supported, roaming, 2G fallback-- and each provider line can be clicked on to get more info that isn't easily charted, including whether taxes/fees are additional or included.

I just activated an Unreal mobile sim and it won't let me turn on the hotspot. Any ideas hot to use my android Moto G4 as a hotspot?

As far as I know, using one's phone as a hotspot on "Unreal" is not available yet. Perhaps PdaNet+, as Chelle has mentioned, will allow you to use your phone as a hotspot.

I'm out of state, right now, and that phone is back home. I don't remember having to use PdaNet for hotspot but I suppose it's possible.

I've been using the app for so many years that it may not even register when I start it up.

The quote below is from "Unreal" on 2/28/2019. I canceled my "Unreal" account over a month ago, so it's possible, but highly doubtful, that the hotspot option is now available.

"The ability to use your phone as a wifi hotspot is currently unsupported. Please stay tuned, because this may change in the future."

This might become an option soon...

Strange that hotspot is unsupported on Unreal, while unsupported-but-working on FreedomPop.
(On FreedomPop, hotspot works with most factory unlocked phones, because those phones don't "phone home" to see whether or not hotspot is authorized. I think I read something once about later stock Android versions supporting "phone home" checks, but can't confirm it.)

@112059 I'm curious if your G4 is factory unlocked, or started life as a carrier-branded version?

It is factory unlocked for all 4 networks. It was used on T-mobile then to Sprint postpaid, but they won't allow it back on postpaid. I have tried everything to get it back on postpaid and gave up so it's now on Unreal mobile to test their service.

Is your Unreal service with AT&T or Sprint?

If the reason it can not be activated on Sprint postpaid is due to incorrect ownership_code flag (should be 'SPCS'), this can be resolved.

From reddit:
"Did you contact LiterallyUnlimited? If LiterallyUnlimited can't help, then I suggest contacting these two Sprint Social Care agents (Sprint_Jeffrey or RedCruzr_Sprint) at They know exactly what to do. Sprint_Jeffrey had created a few ClickIT Tickets for me to turn that PLBL back to SPCS."

It is with AT&T.

Yes, I did contact LiterallyUnlimited. was told "This phone is marked as a Sprint prepaid phone: SPP MOTO 1644 BK XCVR SGL" and needs resku'd. I have already done 3 or 4 clickit tickets, told it was resku'd then checked again and it is not.