Best Coax 4way splitter??

Looking to replace a 4 way splitter for cable coax

Non powered splitter

Looking for the best quality.. for high-speed 300 Meg internet speed and digital cable

The cable company won't sell/give me one

So no junk.pls

Gold plated?

5-2300 MHz.

7.0 or 7.5 db loss

Thanks in advance

Tv box's are skipping ahead 2 to 3 seconds on live TV.

Replaced both boxes
Had tech check outside line

He suggested to swap the 4 way splitter. He said they get warn over the years

Most splitter on Amazon seem like junk. According to reviews

How is monoprice?


You are seeing 2-3 seconds ahead in time? You should go into day trading!

Rather get help to find the best quality splitter


Have you tried reading the reviews on the monoprice? The reviews are posted to help curious prospective customers like you decide what to buy.

Let us know what you find. The information might come in useful for somebody else.

I use this one and it works well:

4-Way Coax Splitter (5MHz – 1675MHz)

More info on splitters:

Wow-- nice link to an informative article about splitters! Solid Signal seems like a good source, and prices seem reasonable.
The only thing that surprises me is that some of the items don't seem to have spec sheets attached to the listings: which is kind of surprising from major manufacturers like Blonder Tongue.

re: gold plating. For most applications (short of active electronic components like edge-card connectors and integrated circuit sockets), this is simply marketing hype, and not a functional improvement. Nickel plating is standard on quality production connectors, and exists for most of the advantages you might be tempted to believe that gold-plating offers. Since effective gold-plating is expensive, most gold-plating is just for show, and actually performs worse than nickel.

Just from looking a little, it seems like the 7.5 dB insertion loss would be hard to do on a 4-way unit across the entire range: insertion loss seems to be specified in sections according to frequency, rather than consistent across the splitter range (as it would be with smaller bandwidth.)

I don't see any reviews for splitters on their site. Shame. You would have to cross search

You're right about the lack of reviews. I'll note however, that Solid Signal seems to only carry devices from the industry standard manufacturers, where there is little reason to cut corners or make questionable claims about specs.

Splitters are cheap devices, and it's a wonder to me that they work at all at such low cost-- but there are a lot of different options that may or may not be important for one's application. I'd guess that customer reviews would have to be taken with a fair grain of salt to try to vett whether the customer knew enough to buy the right device, or just counted the number of connectors and placed an order.

This blog seemed very familiar. Many years ago. I helped my elderly family member with ota setup. She refused to buy cable. So I got a good outdoor/indoor attenna and a DVR.

I had to do much research. This solid signal blog seems very familiar. I believe this was one place I looked for antenna??

Bottom line 2 TV's with digital OTA and free tvguide. (guide 7 days)

She got about 73 including sub channels. Of course about 35 was good to for her. All HD with little compression. Not bad for Free and a $250 setup fee. 2 antenna and a DVR and a box. Divided by 10 plus years.

Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV (2020): Best Cable Splitter for Internet and TV (2020) - YouTube

My apologies, if link broke.

Need a 4 way not 2

The 2 way is too weak for my needs


The video contains recommendations for 4 way as well.

I think I have a lightly used splitter from my previous house. As far as I remember it worked well. I'll try to find it and report back which brand it is.

On a related topic, I have many outlets in my current home (at least 10) and when I went to move the modem and router to another outlet, it wouldn't work. But I believe all outlets work for cable tv. Is there something I need to change in the junction box (which I believe is located in the master closet) to reroute the internet signal?

Thank you for solid signal. Called them and got their best recommendation.

Decided to get the upgraded model.

Which one did you get?

Great! Hope everything works out.

It is in the mail. Will let you know

Please share the secret as it can help others with same issue.