Best, Cheapest Online (Cloud) backup

Can you guys recommend the best, cheapest, safe cloud file backup.

Just for file and folders. Not a whole PC in one click service

Thanks in advance

Google offers 15GB free for every account.

If that's not enough, Google also offers 100GB for $19.99/year.

If anyone knows of any cheaper, reliable option, please post about it.


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Thanks very much. Does it have encryption?

According to this Google search, yes, it is. is google one encripted - Google Search

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I'd personally recommend something like Cryptomator with it anyway, because I'm a stickler for controlling my own encryption keys (or at least I try to be) and my impression is that with Google One, Alphabet has the keys.

Depending on your needs, another option you might look at is Keybase, but there has been a lot of FUD thrown around since the announcement that they had been acquired by Zoom in early 2020. Depending on how much you trust the developers to follow through (and Zoom to let them) on their promise that if the service goes bye-bye the users will get "plenty of notice," you might want to take precautions ranging from making sure you keep multiple cloud backups (on the assumption that Keybase will disappear on you precisely the hour before you need it because your local backup got corrupted), to checking their blog once a month (on the assumption that doing so will give you plenty of time to migrate if necessary).

Also kbfs is a streamed filesystem rather than exactly a place you upload and download to, so using it's a little different.

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Thank you very much. Hard to decide