Best 500mb plan

The best ones I found so far are:

  • Freedompop, $0 per month for 600mb data with occasional $.01 charge
  • Red Pocket $10/mo for 500/500/500mb data

Any others ones worth mentioning?

Redpocket ebay 100/100/500mb per month yearly plan $60 or 500/500/500 $99.

Speedtalk 500/unlimited texts/500 for $9 - tmobile. Or $99 for a year.

Tello sprint $8 500mb

Oh, just looked at SpeedTalk. You can get service using any of the Big 4 towers.
Also, looks like a $5/mo plan with 100/100/100.

And the $9 plan is avail on T-Mo and AT&T.

I obviously haven't looked at SpeedTalk for a while-- some new options, and some good pricing.
Biggest surprise: it appears that there's a price premium for VZW (expected) or Sprint (unexpected) service.

Well speedtalk are primarily a tmobile mvno. Verizon and sprint are outside of their comfort zone and expertise.

Also note they don't do ATT. The signs for ATT just mean that an unlocked ATT phone will work on their tmobile service.

Thanks for clarifying the AT&T situation-- I'd wondered if that was the case, but the website definitely makes it appear that actual AT&T service is available. (although a quick scan didn't let me find any AT&T SpeedTalk SIMs).

Well, that is misleading advertising.

They say this:

GSM-T: AT&T unlocked or unlocked GSM device