Bend it like Apple

I guess it all depends on how one defines defect. If all ipad pros are bent, then it's a normal feature, and therefore not a defect. In the end, I doubt this will cause many of the Apple faithful to defect. These bent ipads might become valuable someday much like coins from the US mint that come out stamped with a defect that increases their rarity and value over time.

Some iPad Pros ship a little bent, and Apple says that’s normal | Ars Technica?

In the link, Apple says that flatness is controlled to 400 microns-- the pictures attached above are far greater than that.
I imagine I could live with 400 microns if I were to buy one of these. If the bend matched the pictures above, though, I'd be down at the Genius Bar with my micrometer, and getting a refund.

You spend much. You should get what u want.

Do cases fit?