Beast Mobile

Uh, Oh,--- more surveys, games , and videos at Beast Mobile, who I've never heard of. The $4 a month for unlimited t&t no data plan on Sprint is tantalizing, though, but not so much the other plans, including the AT&T ones.

The $4 plan is the only one worth having. There are better cellphone plans out there for every other permutation of plans and add-ons that they offer.

That said, their rewards app actually funds a Beast Mobile MasterCard that can apparently be used to buy anything you want. It doesn't appear to be tied solely to Beast Mobile purchases.

If that's the case, it could be far better than CellNUVO and even FreeUp.

Mastercard you can use anywhere? That would be considered abuse. ;p

The website is confusing. In the FAQ they say that the rewards have no cash value other than for Beast Mobile services, yet the website also talks about credits going onto your Beast Mobile debit MasterCard.

It looks like they're also planning to get into TV, home phone, and internet.

I suspect that this company will stretch itself out too thin and fade into the sunset.

I just looked at the app permissions and they're crazy.

The app gets permission to access your contacts and send them emails without your permission. That's just for starters...

Stay away.

Agreed. I think I'll stick with Boost over Beast!

Wow, that's a lot. Will it swipe your CN app for you too?

Don't tempt me with more "free plans"

I was planning on trying Beast Mobile's cheapest plan, just to give their earning app a try. (Yes, I read Chelle's warning-- I was going to try the app on a carefully isolated phone, after an email from Beast confirmed that I could run the app on a different phone.)

But... plans are disappearing, and occasionally appearing, at a rapid rate. A couple of days ago, only the $24 AT&T plan, and the $50 Sprint plan remained-- both far outside my comfort range for a trial.
Today, I see they list an $8 Sprint talk/text plan (formerly $4), but it's marked as 'sold out'.

I am signed to the $4 plan ($4.32 with tax). I expected it to go up on my 2nd month to the new $8 price, but it stayed the same...their customer service (which is pretty bares bones minimal) did not indicate it would go up but they have not mentioned any grandfathering, either.

For now, it's a great deal at $4.

Although it says the $8 is sold out, if you click on it, it says to call a number about the plan? Kinda odd, since I handled everything online on my signup. They must have a need to control number of customers signed up, but not sure the benefit. Actually, not sure of what market or business plan they are executing!

i don't suggest you to buy mobile plan from beast mobile as their service is not good in urban areas, you could buy a plan from some reputed cellular company like at&t,sprint or verizon.

Service from Beast Mobile should be roughly equivalent to other Sprint-network or AT&T-network MVNOs that don't have any roaming capability. (Most MVNOs do not.)
There is a possibility that Beast data connection could be throttled, or have a lower prioritization than some other MVNOs. And it's certainly possible that some urban areas may have enough congestion that deprioritization could be problematic.
beamen4345, have you used Beast Mobile in a particular urban area? If it was problematic, that could be useful info for others.

Update: I was with Beast since April until now with one phone. Never used the app, but was on the unlimited talk/text for $4 for 6 months, then went to $8 on Sprint network.

Didn’t have any issues until getting email last week of November about them moving billing platforms and shouldn’t receive any interruption in service. But few days later, service cutoff and customer service couldn’t get me active again.

So had to port out (Tello), but no issues in doing so. I would consider going back if they stay in business, however their website doesn’t even advertise the $8 plan anymore.

Glad it worked well for you for a few months, anyway. Thanks for the update!

I can't figure out what market they're targeting now, but it doesn't appear to be anything similar to what they were touting when they first showed up.

When Lynch partnered with advertising-supported mobile app FreeMo Inc. two years ago to bring Beast Mobile to market, his intention was to offer cell phone service with rates that undercut big carriers and eventually eliminated cell bills altogether.

Now the company, which launched in 2017 on Sprint’s network promising customers a no-contract smartphone service with unlimited talk and text and 1 gigabyte of data for $24 per month, announced Tuesday that it would provide that same service for free each month.

The catch, though, is that customers must engage with personalized offers, discounts and suggestions from partners via the accompanying Beast Mobile app. This mean being willing to give up some semblance of privacy.

I was a customer with Beast mobile for almost a year. Had no issues with service until December 2019. Supposedly, they were changing servers and next thing I knew my cell service was gone. It was a good deal that started with $4/mo unlimited talk/text then went to $8/mo after a few months.

They have a very minimal staff; I'd be surprised if more than 5 people were running the whole thing. As long as you don't need customer service for much then you're fine. Unfortunately, when my service was cutoff, of course you want to speak/chat with someone, but they weren't equipped to handle a large volume of complaints all at once.

They were kind enough to give me a pin and I switched to Tello.

Then in January, I guess the server thing got figured out and the same customer server folks that were running Beast created a new service under the term Kosher Mobile

They even reached out to see if I wanted to return to service with them, offering a free month of service. Not enough to get me to switch again from Tello.

I am not certain if there is still a relationship between these 2 companies, but be cautious should you decide to do business with either. And if possible, don't use a number you want to keep! I never used the Beast mobile app and can't speak to that, but if you like your secrets, I would avoid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Paywall on the news article. Beastmobile web site up for sale. What’s their new web site?

Partnership is with this app:

From what I can tell, the "free" plan is: unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 1gb data. Sim is $10 and on the Sprint network. I am almost certain users are required to earn points that will then be applied toward that month's service. You would need to pay real money if your account falls short. As we have seen numerous times, this type of mvno is not stable as far as terms of service goes.

From what scant info there is it sounds like the free plan is free. Use the app to earn more data.