Babies will be Babies

A big and little baby? Babies and adults can both whine.:slight_smile:

I have no idea why but the way this adult acted being near a baby pissed me off so much. Thanks for sharing though.

The artless behavior of the woman removed from the plane did not sit well with he NYC bosses who removed her from her position and began an inquiry into her incident. Yeah--she works for the governor, or once did. Social interaction rule 101 says never to be hostile to a baby.

Indeed, especially in this instance where it was obvious that the baby was being well cared for and not being abused or neglected, and according to the story, he wasn't even crying. What else could the mother do that she wasn't already doing?

Perhaps the lady who was screaming had had a very bad day... but her actions made her day worse yet. Showing a little kindness and tolerance would have been a better choice for her.

Yes, we never really possess the entire picture of what is going on in most social situations. All of us have had a bad day where we have been less than kind to innocent others in social situations, but probably not quite as bad as the woman who was captured on video. Who knows, though, perhaps that person just learned that her husband or boyfriend was cheating on her, or had just experienced any one of a number of very unpleasant events, or was in need of a root canal. Such experiences might help explain her behavior without excusing it. Golden rule, though, don't take your troubles out on others.