Without re-visiting our now closed account there for exact numbers to quote here, I will simply say that our exposure to ting has been a total, absolute, complete disappointment.

To the folks who persistently pointed at their $6/line/month base fee I say=>
Thank You.
You made VERY good & correct points about that; it made ting a very poor choice for us.

As to the rest, well - the promises made & then very carefully broken by that company in such a timely manner seem very likely to have been caused by deliberate planning; that is my opinion as a former user & I will not be swayed from it.

We let 2 lines go there from rp to get the promised sign-up & referral bonuses, then watched as those were not only silently removed with ZERO notice, but then we ended up paying right away - even after trying to get our phones off of there.

Not good. Not even a little, teeny, tiny bit good.

We later inherited a 3rd rp phone from one of our friends who didn't want the hassles anymore & let that one go to ting for the same hypothetical bonuses - only to see them removed again.

As of now that 3rd phone is getting ported away from ting to Cellnuvo.
Aside of that we now have 3 lines with Twigby because with all THREE of them set to Twigby's lowest pricing - it is WAY cheaper than ting would ever be for our low usage on just the TWO lines.

Final review:
Ting is not in the least a good choice for anyone wanting low cost services.
Worst of all=>
Ting has shown us by our experiences that it has ZERO integrity - it has shown that it cannot be trusted to deliver upon promises made publicly and is in all ways (that we could see from being users...) a service that is BEST AVOIDED.

I think most people will figure this out like you. Ting was never a good fit for ringplus refugees.

I manage six Ting accounts that migrated from RingPlus (with eight lines.) All six received and retained their $35 credit.

The primarily benefit of Ting, that they deserve enormous credit for, is their intervention prevented the abrupt shutdown of all RingPlus numbers, which likely would have resulted in many folks losing their number, many losing service suddenly and many being greatly inconvenienced requiring a sudden, within days, establishing new service.

Yep, they left that one...and took away ALL our referral credits.
As to that one - a big whoop that was - considering that something like 24 minutes & 3 texts total usage ate most of it & then they billed us when we saw how overpriced it was & ported out.

Aaaaaa-baloney !!! (abalone) - we lost NO numbers a'tall:

Only from a very limited POV IMO - as I said above in my OP - the bait&switch could NOT have been 'by accident'.
Companies just do not do things without running the numbers 1st.
They knew what to expect & executed (literally !!) their 'clever' plan much to the rp refugee's surprise.

And the top-up credits ??
Betcha maybe 1 out of any 10 former rp users may EVER see that 'promise' fulfilled.

Disdain for ting ?!?
As I said in the OP - my opinion will NOT be swayed no matter how many ting fans chime in to defend those poor widdle booboos.

As previously said - we ported at ZERO cost, with great benefits to both Cellnuvo and Twigby - and neither of those others pulled any B&S tactics on us - quite the opposite of ting.

Who did you refer?

A bunch of dead presidents...what does that matter ?!?
They appeared and then were removed as clearly shown in the billing history.
100% B&S.
Promises made & then reneged upon.

B-b-b-b-bad through & through.

They said upfront that you cannot refer other RingPlus lines.

These responses seem to be aiming to single me out as the ONLY disappointed former rp user...
That is not even close to being correct - and neither is the above assertion true for those who accepted their offer early on, as we did.

I repeat:
B&S - all the way.

(Have you noticed yet that I will not be swayed ?!?)

They said from the get-go that RingPlus lines that get a $35 RingPlus migration credit do not qualify to give another Ting line an additional $25 referral credit.

Insist all day long - it changes nothing here.

Even if the GOOD alternatives vanished tomorrow somehow=>
We will NEVER use or recommend ting to anyone, ever again;
We would use Tracfone 100% if we had to, just to have active mobile phones.

The rotteness of ting will not escape notice - and even without it, their pricing stinks.
(Ah - now I have a GREAT alternate naming for this=> sting...as it surely did.)

Seems odd. I don't think it is possible to get the ting ringplus credit and a referral. A referral requires you to use a link to sign up right? - so you either used that or went to ting via the automatic migration. Or you signed up via the ting-ringplus link before the migration. Either way not sure how one could get multiple credits to stack. In any case taking them all away if that happened was foul play.

I referred several people to buy phones from them and in my account it said that I would receive credit for any phones purchased. Well I didn't receive the credits and they explained that they had to be activated on Ting (so why not say that in the referral details?? hmm well because that would be honest). I also was told I had to have an active line to get referral credits (again not mentioned anywhere... heck I have an account to get the referral details...). Anyway I should have about $200 in ting referral credits but received none. So even before the migration I was never going to Ting.

Plus well their rates stink. Maybe we should have just started with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Only good thing is that they can internationally unlock phones. I can't find any other sprint MVNO that will do that.

I have no significant complaints about Ting. They gave me a chance to try them out, a month for free, and some time to research a successor. Their rates don't make sense for me, so on the last day of the first month, I moved on to Twigby. That left a credit at Ting that will probably disappear in a month or two, which doesn't bother me. My top-up from RingPlus would have been practically worthless anyway without them. As far as I'm concerned, I got a good enough deal.

I'm not trying to sway anyone else's opinion.

This is from the friend's former account billing history:
Feb 14, 2017 Adjustment $25.00
Feb 12, 2017 Credit -$25.00

This is from ours:
Feb 14, 2017 Adjustment $50.00
Feb 14, 2017 Adjustment $25.00
Feb 12, 2017 Credit -$50.00
Feb 08, 2017 Credit -$25.00

Clearly showing the credits issued - then removed.

Maybe some of what happened was in error from the start - we all followed the guidelines as given and were delighted that the various 'bonuses' would hold both accounts until when the hypothetically transferred top-up credits would appear on the 3rd month or so. (Yup. Uh-huh...)

Main point of my own anti-ting sentiment besides what sure looks like B&S to me:
All of us could have just as easily ported to Twigby just as easily for better rates - or to Cellnuvo for free WITH referral bonuses instead of being mislead & having our time & life wasted messing around with the ting baloney.

From this former user's POV it was promises made & broken then WAY too much time spent making sure that none of us got over billed.

This was AFTER discovering too late (via CC bill) that our 2-line ting account had billed at full cost the very 1st month.

There were just zero redeeming features about using ting at all - this is my opinion & I'm sticking to it !!!



Ting changed the policy mid stream and only for former R+ members. Ting went in and deleted my 4 year old referral code after the credits had already been applied and then reversed the credits one day before my service renewed. All those credits were from people using my referral link. I chose to port back to Ting from R+, I did not migrate or use a referral code.

Ting removed the wife's credit as well and she had her own personal Ting account and she has never personally been linked to Ring Plus, I could not pay her to use Ring Plus.

All I can say is to heck with Ting and anyone who wants to defend their actions in this matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were Ting customer, what I would want to know is if they will give me time to port out when they close up shop?

All very well said - but especially...:

Indeed - not 'if', but WHEN.

There's a truly ancient bit of wisdom which I have stashed away in its entirety & which has been proven over time to be both true and accurate - here is a part of it:

The BIG question is=>
How many MORE times does this have to happen ??

I luv ting


Just kidding

how many RingPlus customers are staying with Ting now? all 8 RingPlus people that I know whom already pulled out within 2 months on Ting.