Avatar Question

@hungryghost ... trying to upload my dragonfly avatar which is a .JPG extension. I keep getting an error message asking for gif. jpg or png extension. Will you tell me how to fix so I can upload? :slight_smile:

That's interesting. It looks like a bug in the forum software. It's confused by the uppercase file extension.

Try changing the name of the file (on your computer) from "Dragonfly in Dew.JPG" to "Dragonfly in Dew.jpg" (lowercase jpg). Then try uploading again and it should work.

And if you want to be super proactive, you can go ahead and file a bug at Issues ยท Kunena/Kunena-Forum ยท GitHub :wink:

Thanks... not sure what happened in Chrome. It would only save any of the extensions in UPPERCASE. I had to go to MS Edge to get the lowercase, but it worked. :slight_smile:


My avatar is there,but is supposed to be a moving Gif, but it's not Giffing. Did I upload it incorrectly? Thanks.

Not all forums support animated gifs for profile photos. That appears to be the case here, which honestly, I'm glad. In my opinion, animated profile gifs are distracting! :side:

Yes, thanks for the reply. I, too, think many, if not all, gifs can be distracting. But now I know why it works on some forums and not others. I'm on a linux forum that recently combined the Chinese speaking forum and the English speaking into one, where we now use Google translate. Now there are dancing and laughing cats and bears everywhere ----talk about distracting. Thanks for the nice forum. Cheers.