Auto Insurance Refunds

For those who still might not be aware of car insurance refunds, here's a list of companies offering refunds and some info for California car drivers.

EDIT: Even if your insurance company is not on the list, as mine wasn't, check on your companies website and you might find, as I did, that your company is offering refunds.

Yep. Allstate sent me an email in that regard a few weeks ago. I don't remember the exact amount, but it was a really nice change.

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this benefits the insurer more than the insured. How do they calculate the lowered risk to refund amount. In my case, 15% is peanuts.

Fuzzy math? ------"How was the premium relief amount determined?
With many people staying at home, people are driving less and that means fewer accidents and fewer automobile claims. Based on industry data, we expect auto claims during this period to be reduced by about 35%.

Applying that number to our current premiums based on our customer base, over a three-month period that translates to about 14% of premium, so that’s why we’re providing 15% of premium for the three months. Although carriers are rolling out different premium relief initiatives based on their own customers and experience, our numbers are comparable with most of the industry."

The 35% prediction seems a little dubious.