Authentication error when performing PRL & Profile update procedure

If you are getting Authentication errors when trying to update PRL & Profile, then check your device's ESN/IMEI/MEID with Tello, Ting & Swappa. If they all say your device is ready for new activation then chances are your device has not been registered with Red Pocket for whatever the reason. In this case no matter how many times you try to repeat the update procedures...enter ## codes, take out battery or reset the network & phone it's not going to work. Red Pocket will need your device's info from CellNUVO and register it in their system in order for PRL & Profile update to work.

I think you are correct.

The issue is the old one that was discussed endlessly on Social--activation versus provisioning.

Activation is the first step which can only happen on the carrier end and it links the phone number with the MEID and ICCID of the device.

Provisioning is the process the user undertakes to update the device to actually use the service. Unless the first step has been taken properly, there is nothing the user can do.

If the MEID is clear for immediate activation on both Ting and Tello the odds are very much in favor of the first step being incomplete.

Only CellNuvo can fix an activation issue with Red Pocket.

Please contact us at Provide your phone number AND the temporary phone number assigned during the platform change. This will enable us to troubleshoot issues much quicker.

In this case the only temporary phone number available to provide is the 000-000-XXXX number if a network reset was attempted.

I would suggest that if the number is 000-000-xxxx, one most definitely needs to provide that to CellNuvo!

It both eliminates the delay that will arise from customer service thinking you've forgotten something, and should provide the immediate information CN needs to understand that this is an activation (network account) issue, and not a phone issue.

"activation issue" ___ I was surprised that their recent message seemed to indicate they are not aware of this issue, which is maybe more serious that getting one's original phone # back.