AT&T Prepaid $300, 16GB Plan (As Low As $21.38/30 Days)

AT&T Prepaid $300, 16GB Plan (As Low As $21.38/30 Days)

The plan is listed as "$25 /mo. for 12 months—our lowest price
Pay $300 in advance and get 16GB of high-speed data each month.", although it's actually only a 360-day plan.

My wife has used this $300 plan, with its legacy 8GB, since July, 2020.

Several months ago, AT&T started offering 16GB/30 days (8GB+8GB Bonus Data) for this plan for new customers, for a limited time, originally expiring in December, 2022.

As of yesterday, it appears that all legacy customers are going to get the 16GB at their next data cycle reset. Also, it appears that it's no longer being advertised as 8GB+8GB Bonus Data, simply as 16GB.

This is a better plan than most AT&T MVNOs because it includes roaming in Canada and Mexico (my wife gets full LTE speed in Canada), and also data carryover from the prior month. It also includes 5G with a compatible phone, and 4K UHD streaming is available with Stream Saver turned off.

When I signed up for the AT&T Prepaid $300 plan in July, 2020, it appeared that AT&T would charge my CC $304.99+taxes/fees, but AT&T only ACTUALLY charged $4.99+tax for the SIM card, which I discovered after her line wouldn't work, even after it was ported successfully to AT&T. According to an AT&T chat CSR, AT&T was SUPPOSED to charge my CC $300+taxes/fees AFTER the port was complete, but they didn't. Obviously, this turned out to be a good thing, since AT&T would have also collected taxes/fees on the $300. Once I knew the $300+taxes/fees weren't automatically charged to my CC by AT&T, I created an AT&T online account, and used AT&T Prepaid refill cards with no taxes/fees from Target to pay $256.50 TOTAL for the initial $300.

My theory is that AT&T didn't charge my CC because I didn't select auto-pay when I signed up. But if I were to sign up for a new AT&T Prepaid $300 plan today, to ensure that I could fund the $300 with AT&T Prepaid refill cards purchased from Target, I'd still do that, but I'd ALSO use a prepaid or virtual CC with only enough availability to pay the initial $4.99+tax for the SIM card, so that if AT&T DID try to charge the CC the additional $300+taxes/fees, it would fail, and then I'd fund the plan in an AT&T online account with $300 worth of AT&T Prepaid refill cards, that I would have purchased from Target during one of their sales for $256.50 TOTAL, or $21.38/30 days.

I pay $256.50 for $300 worth of AT&T Prepaid cards by buying when they are on sale for 10% off ($5 Off $50) at Target, and using my Target Red Card (available as either Credit or Debit) to get an additional 5% off, so each $50 card is $42.75 ($50-$5=$45x0.95=$42.75) and $42.75x6=$256.50 for the $300 worth of AT&T Prepaid cards. Target collects no additional taxes/fees on prepaid refill cards. Also, just to clarify, you need to buy each of the 6, $50 cards in 6 separate transactions, for $42.75 each, and sometimes Target might limit the purchases to 2 or 3 per day, so you might need to purchase them over a 2 or 3 day period.

The Target $5 off $50 sale is currently running 12/11/22 - 12/17/22. At&t $50 Prepaid Phone Card (email Delivery) : Target


Boost Mobile annual plans on the AT&T network:


-the $20 monthly plan is 15GB of LTE data (hard capped) with 100% hotspot

-the $25 monthly unlimited plan is 35GB of LTE data (then throttled thereafter) (note; after opening this site, click on the 12 Months tab near the top of page)

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Does Boost include roaming in Canada and Mexico, data carryover from the prior month, and 4K UHD streaming with Stream Saver turned off?

Even if no, as long as the user doesn't want or need any of those features, Boost is also offering a good value!