AT&T 3G Shutdown question

I have a family member who is on the AT&T network via Net10. I believe AT&T is sticking firm with the 3g network to be shut down by Feb 2022. He has a phone that has VOLTE, but is not on AT&T whitelist (Moto X Pure). I have some questions, hoping someone can provide some answers:

1 - I understand ATT is currently shutting down the 3G network and is to be completed by Feb 2022. While his phone is fully working today, it very well could stop working any day up to Feb 2022 as they shutdown the 3G network around him?
2 - Once the 3G network stops - what will happen to his functionality of his non whitelisted VOLTE phone - will he still have data and be able to text and just not call?
4 - Is it possible to switch networks on Net10 while he is on his current plan (since his phone has VOLTE and will work just fine on Verizon or T-Mobile)?

Couple of other details - he really doesn't want to upgrade phones. Net10 plan is up soon, but does have several points that will buy him a few more months of service. If I can find a way to stay on Net10 past Feb, then will likely switch to a Verizon or TMobile MVNO plan upon expiration of his net10 points.

Is the Moto X Pure an unlocked phone, not Tracfone (Net10) branded?

Take my comments with a grain of salt: AT&T has never, to the best of my knowledge, detailed exactly how they will enforce rules with MVNOs. But I've seen warnings issued to users on Tracfone subsidiaries that make it sound like they're going to enforce the whitelist.

1- If the phone currently has working VoLTE, it won't quit working just because AT&T might shut down local 3G. But, it could stop working at any time because AT&T has decided to enforce the whitelist, even if 3G is still working locally. So far, I've seen plenty of reports of non-whitelisted phones being suspended on AT&T proper, and Cricket, in advance of the Feb 2022 deadline-- but not reports of similar early shutdowns from Tracfone subsidiaries.

2- I think the reported symptoms on AT&T/Cricket varies: either calling is shut down & data remains, or everything shuts down. This is only likely to be true for any early enforcement (before Feb 2022). When the deadline is reached, my expectation is that non-whitelisted phones won't be able to access the network at all. Texting is an almost definite no: Text over LTE isn't likely to work without allowed VoLTE.

I'm not a Net10 user: I think redrotors is, and maybe others. Since it parallels Tracfone, I would think that your brother could transfer to a BYOP SIM Kit on the network of choice, and be good to go. (I've done it on Tracfone easily.) Since Net10's plan structure is a little different, I'm not 100% sure that this could be done in the middle of a plan month, but I would think so. (Try online Chat to get the official answer if no one else knows for certain.)

I have seen reports of people successfully transferring network on NET10. I would think that Trac brands in general would be accommodating to the direction you'd be transferring, to VZW vs. to AT&T given the new owner being VZW.

I'm afraid I dont have any specific info. re AT&T service & whitelist etc. since other than a free Beast Mobile line I don't currently have anything on them & I haven't used them much at all over the years for the lines I manage.

I am curious to see how the VZW 3g shutdown proceeds and how VZW Trac brands will handle it. I still manage a 3g only phone that is on Page plus paygo (@$10/4mo.). Wonder which will happen first - 3g sunset or PagePlus brand ending.

Please let us know how it goes, what you ended up doing ajzwilli.

Thanks all, after talking to the family member - he did get an email warning him of this and they offered him a free phone (however, it seems as if that offer was only good until 11/30). I'm currently chatting with Net10 to see about switching to VZ network, but the current rep I have doesn't seem too knowledgeable.

The phone is factory unlocked. I'll likely switch him to Twigby given the deal they are running for 6 months until I can test if his phone will get coverage on the Tmobile network (since it is so old and doesn't have band 71).

Don't be too concerned by the expiration date on the discount/upgrade offer-- that seems to be an old date, and it likely still works.

You can click thru from that email, or go to the general Phone Store page on net10, and enter the affected phone number. The resulting page will show you what phones the discount can be applied to (with a reduced price), as well as phones that aren't eligible for the offer (no price reduction).
You're not locked into any purchase while you poke around to see what's offered, so it can't hurt to look.
I think all the phones you see will come with Verizon SIM cards.

Discount offers I've seen range from $25-$100. Unless you're at the upper end of that range, you're not likely to find anything at $0 cost that you'll consider a 'worthy' upgrade from the Moto X Pure, but you might find something that makes sense as a discounted price even if you have to pay the difference..

If you do take up the 'upgrade' offer, there's a decent chance the phone will be unlockable after 60 days. If unlocking is a factor for you, I'd recommend picking a DL model (multi-carrier), and if it's important to you for use after unlocking, check to see if it's the offered phone is on the AT&T whitelist. (Not many Tracfone/Net10 devices are: primarily LG and TCL models, with a couple of very recent Moto phones, I think the Moto G Play and Moto Stylus 5G..)

It was weird, when I clicked on the link in the email - there were several free phones after up to a $75 discount and did not require a plan purchase. Here are the ones I remember being in stock and free: Moto E6, Samsung Galaxy A10E (Refurbished), LG Premier Pro Plus (there were some others, but wasn't really interested in them - Blu View 2, LG Rebel, TCL LX).
When I went to add a phone to the cart got a message about only 1 phone upgrade per mdn or something like that (didn't read the message too closely). Now, whenever I click that link (even in another browser or private window, just the normal phones come up and a plan is required). The chat rep was not helpful. I confirmed that a phone was never ordered/received by the family member.

Sorry to hear that isn't working right, ajzwilli! Just to be sure.... when I explored my offer several times, I had to enter my phone number in the field at the top of the page to see the discounts, each time I looked. Not sure, but I might have also done it by logging in first, & clicking through from a banner on my online account.

My offer was only for $25.