Asinine things we've heard and/or witnessed? [Humor Thread]

Never realized what a funny guy he was. Too bad he never got a chance to team up with the other four Marx Brothers. :slight_smile:

Interesting idea-- he could have changed his first name to "Pinko" and fit right in. BTW-- how many Marx brothers were there?

Whoops -- thanks for the article link -- I forgot about Gummo! Guess it's a dinner of cold Duck Soup and Coconuts for me tonight.

Funny. I think only four of the five were famous and the ones people remember. To name drop, my brother was in the same kindergarten class as Melinda Marx, one of Groucho's daughters, when Groucho lived in LA.:slight_smile:

Someone kept their note 7 and now is trying to sell it. I have no words.

I could understand if it was just one of them, but all of them is a bit extreme.