Arlo discontinuing free 7 day cloud recording that was included with early units

Arlo is reneging on their word, looks like they are forcing users to buy into their subscription plan.
Wonder if the customer base is big enough for some class action lawyer to do some work and owners can get 25c back per camera. LOL

Glad I didn't buy those.

Well, I had 3 for 4-5 years and another 3 for only a year, so I saved $480-600 in subscriptions (unlimited cam plan) when compared to Ring (same $10/mo unlimited cam). Still ahead on savings just that it should have continued savings.

I've had the gen 3 (base station and 3 cameras) since 2015. It was originally used for my main home but since last year, I've deployed it at a rental. I would sure be nice if someone sued them and Arlo announced a delay of implementation thru the end of the year. Otherwise, I suppose I can just pay for monthly cloud storage and have the cost deducted from my rental income.

Looks like Reolink offers 7 days free cloud recording and have battery powered 2k versions, an upgrade compared to my current Arlo Pro 2.

Android Authority: Xiaomi is ending cloud storage support for its home security cameras.

Not a good sign for those free cloud recording promises

I hope this lawsuit puts pressure on Arlo to delay implementing the end-of-life policy

Arlo Technologies Falsely Advertised that Security Camera Cloud Storage Offer β€˜Never Expires,’ Class Action Alleges

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Yep, free cloud storage was the reason I went with Arlo vs competing brands.

Good news.