Are you boycotting Fox News?

The Paul Ryan RINO NYC based Fox News is suppressing Tuckers first amendment rights.

Will this be allowed to stand?

Why are you polluting a tech message board with this nonsense?


That's what he does.......

There are plenty of threads in this forum that are not tech related.

This thread in particular is supposed to be humor. Personally, I consider a humor post way better than someone seriously promoting a fascist for the highest office in America.

As to the subject of this thread, Tucker Carlson was fired because he insulted the Fox owners & created a bad work environment which made the company a target of ex-employees who are going to sue Fox.

Fox had no problem with Carlson essentially being the mouth piece of Russia propaganda to an American audience or him lying about the 2020 election being stolen.

Yes curious that a humor post got called out but not the ones attacking transgender people or the anti semitic ones.

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Oh that's what it's supposed to be!

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And appropriately:

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