Are these Amazon reviews legitimate?

Product listing:

What do you think? Thank you.

If it looks too good to be true, then.....most likely not. Other sellers selling similar cartridges on Amazon are currently unavailable, which causes one to wonder why, and a brief Google search indicates these non-HP cartridges are selling for considerably more at other sites, which maybe indicates a more legit price. That said, I was able to get a replacement toner cartridge (3,000 pages worth) for my Samsung monochrome laser printer for $15 via an Amazon seller that has worked great for 2 years now. But the Amazon reviews for the product, in this case, were varied with mostly positive reviews, though not all. It's nice that Amazon generally has a good return policy just in case, and hopefully the Jarbo products will not soon be unavailable as similar products have.

My first thought was that the reviews are fake. 100% 5-star, even with only 29 reviews, seems unlikely.

However-- scanning through Jarbo's other inkjet and toner listings, most are overwhelmingly positive-- although not quite that high. I saw a low of 57% 5-star, and highs around 80% 5-star, with some listings having over 1000 reviews. A few had around 17% 1-star reviews, although the average remained high.

If all of the listings are reflecting a high percentage of fake reviews to maintain those averages, someone is persistent in the effort.

Thank you @Isamorph and @KentE.

Here is what I find interesting/disturbing:
The product was listed on Amazon on August 13, 2019 and already has 29 glowing 5-star "Verified Purchase" reviews. If you click on each reviewer, you will find pretty much glowing reviews for all products they've reviewed. Lastly, the seller (fulfilled by Amazon) has 20 5-star reviews, 17 of which are from the last 30 days:

For what it is worth, Fakespot gives it a F Rating.

Most are reviews are in a period of 3 weeks. Also far too enthusiast about toner lol.So paid/fake for sure.

based on st3fx's additional observations, I'd agree that the reviews seem fake. Fakespot seems to concur. (Thanks, JS.)

But... it still looks to me like Jarbo (the seller) may be 'pre=loading' fake reviews to jumpstart sales, while other Jarbo listings with far more reviews seem more legit. (The 3 I picked to look at, with total reviews of 400 or greater, had Fakespot analysis of C, B, and B.) If this is what is happening, over time the real reviews should dilute the starting dose of fake reviews.

My guess is that overall Jarbo sells pretty good products, with a few that may be substandard. (Although I didn't compare the ratings to other remanufactured cartridges, or to OEM ones.)
The problem is that with 29 reviews that appear fake, it's way too soon to know if this is one of the substandard offerings.

Personally, I feel good enough about it to see if they offer a cartridge for our printer, hopefully with a higher and more believable review count.

Sorry I did not answer sooner. I have been real busy.

Anyway. I have been using LD products for many years with only one chip issue and they stood behind their product.

Amazon sometimes has better deals then their website.

I feel confident you will be satisfied with their stuff


realLexusl21, have you used LD's remanufactured cartridges, or their new-manufacture "clone" cartridges?

Both over the years

One of the remanufactured years ago did not work
. Chip issue. Called ld. Got a replacement free and quick.

Of course. Costco refill is another way to go with oem cartridge.

With clone printer cartridges dealers, the most common case is they are just reselling items purchased wholesale from some company in China. Not surprisingly, Jarbo is also from China. However, it seems that they are the ones manufacturing the product.