Are android updates worthwhile?

What are the pros and cons of not updating a new android version 8 phone to android 11?
I'm thinking about buying a new phone (2017 model Pixel 2xl android 8 updateable to android 11) on sale $140 at
Good idea ? Better deal LTE gsm and cdma unlocked options?
My daily driver is currently a moto g4 running android 7.0. About 6 months ago the moto g4 started having intermittent issues charging and powering on.
Thank You In Advance

Yes it matters. Main issue is security. You leave yourself open to one of the many exploits and other nasties that get stopped with security updates. OS updates are not that important these days as not much changes.

That said it leaves you vulnerable but actually how much that is an issue is an open ended question. If you get attacked it is an issue. If you don't it isn't lol. You could probably minimize issues with safe browsing. I would not access my life savings on the phone or business email.

These pixels have good support though with roms. Might be a project to get one of the nice roms on there like calyx os or stick to something lile lineage. Those will be uodated with security patches. Will need to make sure the bootloader is unlocked on the model you buy. Woot tells you not sure about BH photo.

I'd consider the pixel 4a if you don't want to mess. You can say get it from visible with a $150 mastercard back after 2 months if you get an eligible number to port in.

The BH photo ones can have their bootloaders unlocked and are brand new. So would be good. I got one to try out Calyx os.