The worldwide increasing appetite for apps is impressive. I'm not a gamer person, but find it interesting that there is not more written about the world of gaming and the tons of money engendered by it. In the past, and the present, investing in choice gaming company stocks would have been and still can be a lucrative play.

Indeed. I have long invested in ATVI, e.g. That stock has its ups & downs, but so far for me, more ups than downs.

It does look like a keeper. It's five year rise is impressive, and its performance in the last year is even better. And the gaming world continues to grow. Game on.

According to Google Finance, some (obvious) competitors are EA, Sony, & Nintendo.

Some you-may-knows about ATVI:

  1. ATVI publishes World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, among others.
  2. ATVI also owns King, which publishes Candy Crush, among others.

Given the growing demand for these games in China, India, and other markets, ATVI should be on the up and up for some time. Maybe you should buy out CN , install Candy Crush with ads, and award gold credits from the ad revenue generated.