Applebee's Foul Tasting News

If you have recently eaten at Applebee's, your credit card info may have been hacked.

Blame it on the chips, I guess (not the edible ones, the supposedly hacker-proof ones on all the newer credit cards).

Joking aside, I had one of my credit cards used shortly after I ate at a local restaurant a few years ago. But I think that was down to the server who probably either used one of those skimmer devices, or she wrote down all my card details and then tried to use it online. Fortunately Chase contacted me right away after the second small charge was attempted and the thief never got away with any of my $$$. Needless to say, I only pay with cash now when I eat there.

One time someone used my card details to try to order online, but were quickly discovered. The security representative from the CC company told me that most illegal theft and uses of CCs is by employees of companies that one does business with and have your data. Talk about there always being a bad apple. In your case, maybe you had a "rainwoman" waitress with a superior memory.

Not me. McDonalds is the lowest quality I'm willing to go.

That reminds me... do you have any McFrugal Tips of the Day for your other thread today? I'm always hungry for great deals. :slight_smile:

You'd better be vigilant, though, for someone may have hacked into your burger App and is now ordering lots of those highbrow $1 McDonald's burgers.

I do but got sidetracked today by other matters. Thanks for the reminder as I just recalled the tip and will post it now.