App stopped crediting again (11/1)

App was crediting earlier today, stopped sometime in the last hour or so.

Signs of another update or more progress? Or perhaps just another server refresh needed?

Either way, it'll probably come back on soon and we'll have to wait and see what (if anything) changed/improved.

Legitimately curious here--are people really swiping still? Is there some reason to swipe that I'm not understanding? CN's service is still hit or miss with a ton of people and I see no reason to be confident that your swipes will be beneficial to you at some future point. Is it just hopeful swiping? I'm dead serious that I'd like to hear someone's explanation; this is not just trolling/bashing.

I haven't swiped more than 2 or 3 times since the outage in August (only swiped to keep earning at least 1 silver per month).

No offense taken. I'm still swiping...ever the optimist that they'll get their act together.

I'm one of the few that seems to have a fully functioning CDMA phone that continued to work beyond the first expiration cycle on the Infinite plan. Also, if they honor what they stated during the switchover, I "signed up" for their 10% bonus on all credit earned from 9/1/2017 through we'll see if that ever comes to fruition.

I swipe minimally and mostly during commutes (public transportation) or downtime. I only shoot for ~ 300 silver a day which is enough to keep up in case I need to switch to the 10 Gold/month plan one day. I can usually complete this during my commute to and from work. When I hit that, I stop. For now, PayGo is perfect for my call use (I have FP SIMs and an unlocked hotspot for data) and I probably only use about 70 min a month...

To me, the minimal time spent swiping daily outweighs the $4/month I'd need to pay FP for their Premium Voice. VOIP calling on their LTE SIM is ok, but still not on par with regular cellular quality. I understand that everyone's swiping needs and time is valued differently so the trade-off point varies from person to person.

FP also started throttling CDMA LTE to 1Mbps so FP speeds are slow if I stayed with their CDMA. They don't offer Premium Voice on their LTE Sims.

If CN/RP finally work out their integration issues, my hope is to eventually switch to CN/RP AT&T (I've got the RP SIM in hand ready to go) for better coverage in my area, and also move to a dual-SIM phone so that my calls come from RP while data comes from my FP LTE Sims (which I can swap out if needed).

Legitimate answers:

  1. hope springs eternal
  2. trust
  3. it's somewhat addictive. (Frankly, part of the genius of the entire CN concept.)
  4. For the minimal-time efforts, it's relatively painless. (I might swipe while watching the news, or during advertisements in television programming-- is it somehow more productive to watch the sponsor ad on a TV program than to do a little hand/eye coordination exercise? The former makes me a captive audience for something I'm not interested in, with no possibility of payoff. The latter makes me a non-captive audience for something with a possibility of payoff.)

(I swiped not at all from mid-August until we saw flickers of light. I've swiped since only under condition 4) above.)

I swipe now and then just to see if things are still working. My phone is still fully functional on the infinite plan. Have tried a couple more topups thruogh the app without success. Last time account info wouldn't update in the app my purchase went through. We'll see. Redpocket on ebay has a $52.00 and $88.00 plan sale right now for anyone interested.

Why do you care what other people do?

How is it any of your business?


Lots of logic and well reasoned responses above.

One response however I find very poorly argued, illogical and contradictory.

Did MicrotonalBanana's question really warrant such an antagonistic response? I think not. I think it's safe to say you are out of line here. Just my 2 cents.

Are you actually serious...? The answer to your questions are in my initial post and has nothing to do with invading people's personal business. I will paste it down here again for you:

Thank you to those who responded. Seems reasonable enough--I am just not as hopeful and trusting in this instance. If things get back to working smoothly I may begin swiping again, but for now I don't see a real reason to increase beyond the 100 gold I already have.

Note: MicrotonalBanana is, and has been, a CN subscriber.
I feel that it's a reasonable question asked of other current, and former, CN subscribers, that the question seems to have been posed in good grace, and is probably a question many subscribers have asked of themselves.

Disclaimer: I am a CellNuvo subscriber. Neither JTSR71, nor Legally-Speaking, are to the best of my knowledge, either current or former CellNuvo subscribers. The primary purpose of those comments seems to be to create discord, rather than to add constructively to discussion.

What! Are you serious? You view MY comment as created to sow discord? MY comment? OMG, Are you serious? You speak of the supposed intent of my comment, yet you have squat to say about the absolute most "boorish" post in the thread? I posted, not to create discord, but to call out the source of what,, most assuredly, would lead to discord. You sir, are a true piece of work.

. . . and another thing, Mr. KentE, it is not your job to vet anyone's qualifications for the right to post in ANY thread in this site. NOT!
YOUR! JOB! It is also, not your job to approve the value nor validity of ANYONE'S post at this site. YOUthink it's a reasonable question? So what? Who the heck do you think you are? No one is sitting around, waiting to hear what you deem reasonable. Get over yourself. I've said it before. Allow me to reiterate - YOU HOLD NO SWAY.

lexusl21 was rude. You, I and everyone who reads the flow of this thread, knows he was. Yet you "attack" JTSR71 and me? After Hungryghost's post and mmfacemm's attempt to calm things down, I agreed to enter truce mode. Now you want to start this tango again? Bring it.

Thanks for sharing, but I'll pass on your assumptions about my status with CN along with your tainted views and evaluation of the "primary purpose" of my comments. NO SWAY.

I interpret that everybody, except one person, is swiping pretty much the minimum, with minimum being individually defined, ranging from keeping service alive to earning enough for current use.

All those doing so, including yourself, appear to have applied logic and reason to the decision.

A small but significant minority, who not coincidentally seem to be the most sensitive about perceived CellNUVO criticism, have a more emotionally based response or reasoning.

Nothing wrong with either, but the former is of course, more constructive.

The first, and primary, point of my comment was defending MicrotonalBanana's inquiry (without stirring the pot) & stating some simple facts that seem to be agreed upon by all; and precisely 19 words about possible motivation of reactions that seemed to me to be primarily focused on pot-stirring rather than defending.
I should probably apologize for pot-stirring by calling out what appears to be pot-stirring. Another approach would be for everyone to avoid appearing to stir the pot.

No need to flame out of control. He only pointed out what most believe to be your status with CN and we know JTSR71 is not a customer. You could clear your status up with a simple statement or screengrab.

disclaimer: I am a customer of CN and wish them success in these trying times.

Just remember that AT&T did shot down it's 2G GSM network, and most of the dual SIM phones might not operate the way you intend it to with two AT&T sims.

I fail to see why it matters if they are customers or not. Lexus IS a customer and gave a flip response to a genuine inquiry.

Most rational folks will create their own "disclaimers" based on the information (or lack thereof) of the poster as they read. But if you are going to add a disclaimer, one should not be surprised to get a little "flame" for it, especially if you're going to single out specific folks.

Your comments were not in defense of MicrotonalBanana's question. It was an unsolicited attempt to unnecessarily establish MicrotonalBanana's standing to pose such a question. For some reason, you, lexusl21, et al are of the mindset that participation in any/all Cellnuvo threads requires some seal of approval. That is not the case and it would be nice if you guys stopped perpetuating such nonsense.

Then there's this:

Had the same question been posed by someone you weren't able to certify as a current or former CN subscriber would you still view it as "reasonable" and/or "posed in good grace?"

It is your erroneously labelled "disclaimer" that is most offensive. A question you've determined is "reasonable" and "posed in good grace" is met with this response:

and because it's posted by someone you have come to know as a CN subscriber, you apparently feel such rudeness adds constructively to discussion. Call it what it is - RUDE.

But when I (someone you haven't been able to verify as a current/former CN subscriber) call a spade a spade and point out the boorishly bad behavior, you have the gall to say the primary purpose of my comment seems to be to create discord, rather than to add constructively to discussion (like lexusl21?). Really??? Seriously???

Know this as a fact - Neither you nor lexusl21 nor anyone other than Hungryghost, have any authority to restrict anyone's participation in any thread (regardless of their status as current/former/potential CN subscribers). Face it, you just don't. Deal with it. What you've exhibited is the epitome of hypocrisy. Take the blinders off.

"A screengrab?" Are you serious? I have no obligation to "clear up" anything with you or anyone else here. I owe you NOTHING. A screengrab? Screengrab of what, pray tell? My account, my gold, my silver? Oh, perhaps a screenshot of all my correspondence with Tom. Is that what you're telling me, is required to "clear my status?" :blink: A statement? Statement of what? Gimme' a break.

You get naught.